Adult learning class

What you need to know

You can find more details in the Calderdale Adult Learning course guide, Learning handbook, or contact: Adult Learning .

PDFAdult learning course brochure 2018/19 [PDF 1596KB]

Term dates 2018-19

Term Dates
Autumn Term 2018 10/09/2018 to 21/12/18
Autumn Half-term 2018 29/10/18 to 02/11/18
Spring Term 2019 07/01/19 to 12/04/19
Spring Half-term 2019 18/02/19 to 22/02/19
Summer Term 2019 29/04/19 to 19/07/19
Summer Half-term 2019 27/05/19 to 31/05/19 (May day on 06/05/19)

Please note: Term start dates are earlier for Skills for Life courses. Your tutors will advise of the dates.

Which level should I choose?

The courses on our website have been listed at various ‘levels’. This is to help you decide which course is right for you. It shows how different courses compare and how one course progresses to another. For a summary of our course levels see the tables below.

Accredited learning

Level Description What do we offer?
Entry 1 - 3 Qualifications at this level recognise basic knowledge and skills used in everyday life or in the workplace. They also help to build confidence.
  • ESOL (English for speakers of other Languages)
  • Functional skills
  • Digital skills
Level 1 For those who want to build on their basic skills or knowledge gained at Entry Level.
  • Functional skills
  • IT
  • Computerised accounting
  • Software / bookkeeping
Level 2 For learners who have a good knowledge and understanding of the subject or have already done Level 1. These courses will test and challenge your abilities through a variety of tasks and learning. Suitable for many job roles and can help to increase performance and confidence in the workplace.
  • Functional skills
  • IT (ECDL)
  • Computerised accounting software / bookkeeping
  • First aid
  • Food safety
  • Security
GCSE For learners working at or above Level 2 who want to work towards a recognised GCSE qualification. These qualifications will support access to Higher Education courses.
  • English & Maths
Level 3 These courses enable you to gain or apply a range of knowledge, skills and understanding at a detailed level.
  • Award in Education and Training
  • First aid
  • IT (ECDL)

Non-accredited learning (informal adult learning classes)

Level Description What do we offer?
Entry 1-3 These courses are for adults with learning disabilities. Their aim is to build confidence and basic skills for independent living. They are for learners who may need a lot of extra support in classes.

Classes in a range of subject areas including:

  • Art, craft and sewing;
  • Computing and digital media;
  • Health, wellbeing and leisure. Includes: beauty, cookery, history and more;
  • Languages.
Beginners These are for beginners, where no previous knowledge of the subject is required.
Improvers These are for people confident with the basics, but feel they need to build on their skills or knowledge.
Next step These are for people confident in their skills or knowledge of a subject area, but want to learn more.


We encourage you to progress through our programmes. All learners who wish to enrol on an accredited course will need to contact us, to arrange an assessment. This is so that we can establish your starting point prior to starting the course.


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