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Welcome to Calderdale Adult Learning

It all starts here.

  • Improve your career prospects
  • Support your child's learning
  • Gain new qualifications
  • Progress to further learning
  • Reap the rewards of voluntary work
  • Learn new skills for life and work
  • Take up new hobbies, pastimes and a little 'me time'.

The range of courses on offer is our best ever and we will be adding to them throughout the year so please check the website on a regular basis.

We have a friendly, light, supportive environment and our tutors are all at the top of their game. In every case, we tailor the courses to your needs, as that's the best way for you to achieve your goals. We work with a range of specialist groups and organisations to do that, so you can be sure you're in good hands e.g. for adults with a learning disability we have a wonderful range of courses that will offer support and guidance at every level.

Enjoy choosing your new direction, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Calderdale Adult Learning Service


Calderdale Adult Learning is committed to learners deemed furthest from learning or employment who find it difficult to enter the workforce or play an active role in society at large. The community organisation(s) we work with are often best placed to engage with vulnerable and hard to reach adults who are in such a situation.

A proportion of the funding we receive from the Government is allocated to local community organisations to improve the adult learning curriculum and to help us reach those who need it, often in some of the most deprived areas of our community. This allocation is called the “Calderdale Adult Learning Fund (CALfund)”. For information on how Calderdale Adult Learning receives funding and from whom, or to make an application please contact the learner support team.

2015 - 2016 infographic for adult learning

Information, advice and guidance

Adult Learning Info, Advice and Guidance logos

CAL Service continues to work to the matrix Standard, the national quality standard for organisations delivering information, advice and guidance (IAG) on learning and work.

CAL aims to help learners progress through their chosen course of study. Individual course information can be found through our online course search. These pages advise on course content and what the course can lead on to. Tutors and learning support staff are always available to give you support to help you decide whether a course is appropriate for you. If the course is not appropriate we will aim to put you in touch with an alternative provider.

For more detailed and specific careers advice, we work in partnership with C&K Careers. If you feel you would benefit from either an individual appointment with them, or a class visit, please ask your tutor in the first instance. You can also contact C&K Careers directly at any time via the Infoline on 01484 225500.

PDFLearner journey [PDF 2446KB]

Attendance and expectations

Adults will often have a lot of commitments; family and work demand the majority of their time and attending classes is not always a priority. While we cannot demand that learners attend class at all times, we expect that learners show commitment. CAL will do its best to provide the necessary support for learners to stay on course. However, when your attendance drops below 90% or you have not attended three consecutive classes without informing CAL, you may lose your place.

CAL plans and policies

Strategic Plan 2016-19

The Calderdale Adult Learning (CAL) Strategic Plan sets out the aims and values of CAL. It explains how these fit into the wider Council values and strategic plans, plus other national and regional plans:

PDFCalderdale Adult Learning Strategic plan 2016-19 [PDF 262KB]

Supply chain fees and charges policy 2017-18

CAL subcontracts some of its provision (funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency) to community partners to enhance the curriculum offer to vulnerable and hard to reach groups. This policy covers the subcontracting arrangements for the current academic year and the actual funding paid to subcontractors in 2016-17:

PDFSupply chain fees and charges policy 2017-18 [PDF 305KB]

Calderdale Council's Health and Safety Policy (Dec 2015-Dec 2017)

Calderdale Council is committed to ensuring the health, safety, security and welfare of all its employees and other persons who may be affected by the Council’s activities:

PDFHealth and Safety Policy including Responsibilities and Arrangements [PDF 391KB]

Community Cohesion and Integration Strategy 2017

Community cohesion and integration lies at the heart of what makes a strong and safe community.

PDFCommunity Cohesion and Integration Strategy 2017 [PDF 226KB]

All Age Disability Strategy 2017-18

Calderdale Council’s new strategy is about everyone, disabled people, family members, carers, friends, neighbours, employers, educators, decision makers, funders and planners. It aims to challenge thinking, change attitudes and inform Calderdale that disability and removing barriers is everyone’s responsibility and everyone has an important part to play.

All Age Disability Strategy 2017-18

IT Acceptable Use Policy for Learners 2017-18

When using our IT facilities you must agree to the terms and conditions contained in our IT Acceptable Use Policy for Learners and observe the following:

  • You must not access material which is obscene or violent, or which promotes terrorism/violent extremism or seeks to radicalise individuals, or which may be offensive to other users
  • Use of Chat Rooms is not permitted
  • Anyone found abusing the system or behaving in a manner likely to offend other customers or staff will be asked to leave
  • You must comply with the law, in particular the law relating to Copyright which means you cannot copy any material without the necessary permission (includes music, lyrics, photographs, film clips and drawings)
  • We use software to monitor and filter all use of the internet on public computers and failure to comply with the policy will result in access being withdrawn

PDFIT Acceptable Use Policy for Learners [PDF 304KB]

Safeguarding Policy 2017

Calderdale Adult Learning (CAL) has a statutory and moral duty to safeguard and protect the well-being of children, young people and adults at risk.

PDFSafeguarding Policy November 2017 [PDF 148KB]


Tutor vacancies are advertised during early Spring term. To find out about tutor vacancies, visit Council jobs, or contact the Learning Support team for an informal chat.

If you have a skill or subject you would like to teach in the adult learning community, we run the Level 3 Award in Education and Training. This is an introductory course for those wishing to teach in the adult learning sector. See the Courses listing for more information.


Feedback and comments

We want to know what you think about CAL, good or bad. Tell us how your course is getting on, your experiences of using CAL, something we've done well, or something that you want us to improve or resolve: Learner feedback .

Learner satisfaction survey

Each year, Ipsos-Mori run a PDFlearner satisfaction survey [PDF 46KB] for the Education and Skills Funding Agency. You will be asked a code number - please use 10001094.

Ofsted learner view

The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted) asks that all learners know about the online questionnaire called 'Learner view'. This allows all learners to give their views about the learning experience they have had.

To complete the questionnaire, go to Learner view .

The questionnaire can be completed at any time. You will need to register on the Learner view site using your email address, and details on logging will be emailed to you. For more information, see Learner view video .

Please spare a few minutes to give Ofsted your views on Calderdale Adult Learning.


CAL has a policy statement and procedures in place for safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults. The named Safeguarding Officer at Heath Campus is Ann Ogden who can be contacted on 01422 392820 should you have any concerns. You can also see information on Safeguarding adults on the Calderdale website.

Room Hire - Terms and Conditions

For details on how to hire a room, costs and other important information, see: PDFHire Agreement [PDF 99KB]

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