Community living support

Community Living Support (CLS) aims to help people:

  • return to the community after being in care
  • stay in their home rather than go into care
  • set up home in the community after having an unsettled way of life (as part of a planned programme of resettlement)
  • care for a prisoner or young offender when they leave prison on a temporary licence
  • ease exceptional pressures on families because of a family breakdown or illness
  • pay for certain travelling expenses e.g. going to a family funeral or visiting someone who is ill.

CLS is not intended to assist with replacing items. In these circumstances you may be able to claim a budgeting loan from DWP. For more details, see: Budgeting Loans .


What can I get help with?

As there is a limited amount of money available for CLS we may not be able to make an award in every case or for all the things you need. Priority will be given where an award will play an important part in helping people cope with exceptional circumstances and where it will meet the aims of CLS.

Priority items will be:

  • Cooker or microwave
  • Beds and bedding
  • Baby items
  • Fridge
  • Washer – where there are children under 5 in the household
  • Carpet for main living area where there are children under 5 in the household.

Additional consideration will be given where there are specific health issues that increase the priority of the need for a particular item.

Some items we cannot pay for as they are excluded under our scheme rules: PDFCommunity Living Support: Items Excluded [PDF 60KB] .


How will you pay me?

No cash will be paid.

If we can make an award of CLS we will let you know the maximum spend amount for each item awarded.

You will then be asked to decide where you want to buy the items from and we will order and pay for them for you.

If you have a support worker you should ask them to help you with this.


Can I claim CLS?

You can claim help from CLS if you live in Calderdale and are getting one of these benefits:

  • Housing Benefit;
  • Council Tax Reduction;
  • Income Support;
  • Job Seekers Allowance (income based);
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income related);
  • Pension Credit;
  • Universal Credit;
  • or, if you are due to leave care and likely to get one of these benefits when you leave.

If you are temporarily living in Calderdale, we will not be able to offer assistance with essential items if you then find permanent housing elsewhere.


How do you decide if CLS can be awarded?

We will look at all the information on your application before deciding if we can make an award.

If you have a support worker, social worker or probation officer you should ask them for help in completing the application form and if happy to do so provide a letter in support of your application. The information you and your support worker provide will help us reach a decision.

Applications for CLS can be made in advance, for example if you and your support worker are working towards resettling you into the community.

Do not delay making a claim until you have found a new place to live, we can make an interim decision in advance of your move.

This decision would be valid for up to 3 months.


When would I get a decision?

We will contact you by phone or email within 2 weeks to tell you if we can help.


How can I apply?


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