Change in circumstances

Reporting a change in circumstances

If information we used to decide how much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you currently receive changes, tell us straight away. The law says you must do this.

It is quick and easy to report any changes online:

Report a change in circumstances for benefits

Changes are currently taking up to 3 weeks to process.

What changes do I need to tell you about?

For example if you have moved or the details of your current tenancy have changed. Note: If you have moved house and still have to pay rent on your previous address you may be able to get up to 4 weeks overlap in rent. Complete this form PDFOverlap request form [PDF 77KB] and email to: .
  • For example who we pay your benefit to or how it is paid.
Your or your partner’s circumstances
  • If you start work or change jobs;
  • wages go up or down;
  • the benefits you get change or your income or savings;
  • you start to receive any other income or benefits.
People who live with you
Such as:
  • if someone moves out or a new person moves in;
  • their wages or employer changes;
  • the benefits they get or their income or savings change;
  • you have a baby or your child care costs go up or down.

If you are not sure,tell us anyway!

Please note: Government agencies, like HMRC and Job Centre Plus share some information with the Council. It is still important that you report any changes to us. This will make sure that your award remains accurate and that you are receiving the correct amount of help.


After you report your change online, you may be asked to give more details. This can include proof of your wages or your self-employment. These forms may help:

If you require any additional assistance you can chat online with one of our dedicated customer care advisers.

You can also phone: 01422 288003 or visit any Council Customer First office .

Not telling us about changes could result in you:

  • losing money you are entitled to;
  • having to pay back any monies that have been overpaid;
  • having to pay a financial penalty on top of any overpayment;
  • being prosecuted for failing to report any changes.

How we collect and use information

We will make sure that personal information given by you for Housing Benefit and or a Council Tax Reduction will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. Calderdale MBC is the Data Controller of the information you have provided and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for the purposes of processing your personal information.

The Council is required by law to protect the public funds it administers. It may share information provided to it with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds, in order to prevent and detect fraud. Therefore we may use the information you have provided to prevent and detect fraud. The Council may also share this information, for the same purposes, with other organisations which handle public funds. The Council will not share your information for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

For more about Data Protection, please email: .

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