Guidance on making an application for a temporary market licence

These guidance notes will help you to complete your application for an Occasional Temporary Markets Licence.

Category 1 markets

No more than 4 events per 12 month period from any one particular site will be permitted and there must be at least 90 days between each event.

Category 2, 3 and 4 markets

  • Each individual organisation to be allowed a maximum of 4 market type events per year, per site and per organisation.
  • There must be at least a 28-day period between market type events held by the same organisation or between events held on the same site by different organisations, with a maximum of 4 events from the same site per year.
  • For any given site within the jurisdiction of Calderdale Council's markets rights no more than 4 licences will be issued to defined charitable, local amateur sporting or community based organisations to operate market type events where the organiser makes a charge for space / stalls in any 12 month period.
  • On any given date, within the jurisdiction of the Calderdale Council's markets rights, no more than 4 market type events where the organiser makes a charge for space / stalls will be licensed to defined charitable, amateur sporting or community based organisations.
  • Temporary markets will be limited to 25 stalls per daily event and car boot sales will be limited to 50 vehicles per daily event.
  • Only second-hand goods, specialist items or approved home made items shall be offered for sale.

It should be noted that large car boot sales are more likely to cause environmental damage, e.g. litter, and create a nuisance for the community. Responsibility for enforcing standards lies with the police or personal claims against the organisers.

Schools (as identified by the Education Authority)

Schools must comply with the following conditions in addition to those given for categories 2, 3 and 4 in order that they may operate temporary markets and car boot sales within Calderdale Council's Market Rights.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or school ensures that:

  • They provide proof to Calderdale Markets of adequate public liability insurance.
  • They consult with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and West Yorkshire Police with regard to layout, emergency escape routes, car parking and traffic management.
  • They indicate on all advertising for the event that it is being run as part of Calderdale Council.
  • They inform and obtain the consent of Calderdale Markets.

If compliance with the above conditions is met then there will be no charge levied to the school for the right to operate the event.

Note: Failure to comply with conditions may lead the Authority to take action in relation to its market rights against the school.

Category 5 markets

The Council will enter into negotiations for the licensing of specialist events such as antique, record and computer fairs and other specialist exhibitions. All applications, Form RM2, must be made to the Markets Manager 6 weeks prior to the event taking place.

Whilst it is not the Council's intentions to be restrictive it does intend to uphold its rights to hold markets and to afford protection against nuisance to its market traders and tenants. The Council does reserve the right to enter into negotiations to operate specialist market events in conjunction with the Market Authority.

Application forms

For an application form contact Calderdale Council Markets on 01422 359034.

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