Regulation of car boot sales

  1. Allocation of sites and pitches are on a daily basis only.
  2. The Car Boot Sale shall be open to the public from 6.00am April to December and 7am January to March until 12.30pm.
  3. Only personal unwanted or second-hand used goods, food items and other items which from time to time may be conducive to the operation of the event may be offered for sale. This does not include 'seconds', chain store/catalogue returns, auctioned items etc.
  4. The sale of illegal or unauthorised goods is strictly prohibited at all times. Sellers undertaking to trade in such items will be asked to leave immediately and their details may be supplied to the relevant enforcement agencies.
  5. No motor vehicles are to be drawn onto the site during opening times until prior consent from a member of the Markets' staff has been given.
  6. It shall be the right of the Council to refuse to allocate a site to any person.
  7. Tolls for pitches and site charges shall be in accordance with the scale laid down from time to time by the Council.
  8. All charges shall be payable as and when requested by the Markets' General Manager or the Council's authorised representative.
  9. Only the Council's official receipts will be recognised as proof of payment of charges and if requested must be produced to any authorised representative of the Council on the day of issue.
  10. The giving of gratuities in any form by sellers to any Council employee is strictly forbidden.
  11. All Sellers shall remove all merchandise, goods and waste from the site at the end of each trading day.
  12. Only articles with the permission of the Markets' General Manager or his representative shall be allowed outside the perimeter of each parking bay for which an additional charge as laid down in the scale of charges will be incurred.
  13. Sellers are required to keep the site in a clean and tidy condition and remove from site any rubbish that may accumulate to the receptacles provided.
  14. The cost of repairing any damage to the site or equipment contained thereon shall if it is by neglect or improper use by the seller be charged to the seller.
  15. Sellers who occupy space for the sale of food for human consumption must comply in all respects with the current provisions, regulations and statutory requirements relating to food hygiene.
  16. All sites and pitches shall be vacated by 1.00pm and the Car Boot area by 1.30pm.
  17. Reasonable pedestrian and vehicular access shall be available at all times in all areas of the Car Boot Sale. Sellers shall not block or restrict adequate movement in any walkway or roadway.
  18. All reasonable requests and instructions of the Markets' General Manager or the Council's authorised representative shall be complied with.
  19. The permitted sound level of any live or recorded music being played will be at the discretion of the officer in charge.
  20. Any complaints or requests by stallholders relative to the administration of the Car Boot Sale should be made initially in writing to the Markets' General Manager.
  21. All Council and Local Byelaws shall be observed at all times.
  22. No dogs or other pets shall be kept at the site through the hours of opening.
  23. No trader shall sell or permit to be sold ornamental weapons or replica guns.
  24. No trader shall sell or permit to be sold any item that contravene:- Copyright Design & Patents Act 1988; Trade Descriptions Act 1968; Trademarks Act 1994; Video Recordings Act 1984 and similar associated legislation.

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