Grants to voluntary organisations

Calderdale Council is committed to supporting the voluntary and community sector. It recognises that voluntary and community groups play an important role in tackling the challenges facing our communities, and that by working with the sector, the Council can make a real difference for the people of Calderdale.

Calderdale Council commissions the voluntary and community sector to deliver services right across all areas of service delivery. Voluntary sector groups are important providers in health and social care, in services for young people and families and in projects around the environment and economic development.

The Council provides grants and other assistance directly to charities and groups across the Borough. This helps with projects for planting trees to supporting victims of domestic violence. The Council funds voluntary and community organisations across Calderdale, supporting organisations to develop and attract volunteers. We help to ensure that the voluntary sector has a voice in wider decision-making. This can be through consultation, partnership and engagement, or voluntary organisations being representatives for the sector itself.

Grants to Voluntary Organisations aim to support the contribution of the voluntary and community sector in Calderdale. The main ways in which we try to do this are:

  • By funding a programme of work within the voluntary sector during the period 2015 - 2018 that supports the outcomes and priorities of the Communities directorate and focuses on the following priorities:
    1. To support infrastructure services for a thriving voluntary sector, including promoting community action and volunteering.
    2. To support advice services, including giving people access to information and advice on benefits services, financial inclusion and other issues affecting their health and wellbeing.
    3. To deliver a Local Healthwatch which address the three key functions of influencing, signposting of health and social care provision and advocacy to support individuals with NHS complaints.
    4. To support the cultural objectives of the Council as expressed through the Cultural Strategy.
    5. To support universal and preventative projects around Safer and Stronger communities themes (including: cleaner greener projects; community resilience; volunteering; bringing people together on a local/ neighbourhood level; addressing antisocial behaviour; domestic violence; sport; leisure; cultural activities).
  • by administering the Discretionary rate relief scheme;
  • by leading on partnerships associated with this funding; and
  • by supporting initiatives that affect the voluntary and community sector such as the Compact.

Our website gives details of our different funding streams and allows you to apply for the Discretionary Rate Relief scheme. We hope you find this useful? Contact us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Calderdale Data Works has a range of datasets, including a list of grants that have already be given, that you can use when completing your application: Calderdale Data Works .

Please use our logogrants logo

One of the requirements in your grant terms and conditions is that you publicly acknowledge your funding from Calderdale Council.

We ask you to use our logo to show that the Council has supported your project.

Through your use of the logo, we can let people know where Calderdale Council money is going in their community and encourage others to apply.

  • You should use the logo on promotional or publicity materials, including posters, leaflets, brochures, programmes and reports.
  • All press releases about work funded by Calderdale Council should also include the logo.
  • If possible, any equipment or vehicles bought with funds from our grants schemes should include a sticker with our logo.
  • If you have a webpage, our logo should be on the homepage. If you use social media, please also mention the Council’s support.

If you fail to acknowledge our funding support this could affect your chance of receiving further funding. Note: It may also result in you having to repay the grant.

Our leaflets are available in both PDF and Word below:

If you would like further information, contact:

  • Username Grants Section
  • Email
  • Telephone 01422 392317
  • Address
    Grants & Voluntary Sector Commissioning
    2nd Floor
    Westgate House
    HX1 1PS