Worried about a friend or family member?

Here are some of the warning signs of someone being abused:

  • Apologises and makes excuses for their partner’s behaviour;
  • Gets nervous about talking when their partner is around;
  • Is often ill and misses school or work;
  • Hide bruises by wearing long sleeves and high necks, even in summer;
  • Makes last minute excuses about why they can’t meet you;
  • They appear to be sad, lonely, withdrawn or fearful;
  • They use drugs or alcohol (to help them cope).

How to help a friend

  • Listen without judging;
  • Help the person work out what they want to do;
  • Encourage them to seek help or call the Police;
  • Call the Police if you witness or hear assaults;
  • Support children with practical help;
  • Provide help with safety planning.

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