Safety planning

If you are planning to leave your home, you could pack a bag with some essential items:

  • passports;
  • benefit books;
  • legal papers;
  • spare cash;
  • a list of emergency numbers;
  • medicines, etc.

Leave it with a trusted neighbour, friend or hide it.

Do not pack a bag if you think that your abuser could find it.

There are additional measures you can take to improve your safety:

  • keep a mobile phone and / or emergency numbers with you at all times;
  • keep spare change with you at all times, for using a telephone and for transport;
  • change your phone number, or take advice on how to deal with malicious or nuisance calls. Phone a BT personal advisor on: 0800 661 441 (freephone);
  • ask your colleagues and your children's teachers not to pass on your telephone number (or address) under any circumstances;
  • tell people you trust about your situation: Your boss, employers’ security workers, trusted neighbour or friend. Ask them to contact the police, if they see your abuser approaching your house.
  • plan a few safe routes home, carry a personal alarm and try not to leave work alone;
  • change your routine: Shop at different times to usual and at different supermarkets and shops. Open a new bank account, with a different bank;
  • arrange to have legal advice or apply for court orders to protect you. Keep court orders and legal papers with you at all times;
  • arrange to have your door locks changed, and have extra security measures installed (window locks, for example). Always check who is at your door, before you open it.

You may be able to have security measures fitted free of charge. Contact the Calderdale Police Domestic Violence Unit for further details, by phone: 01422 337041.

Increasing your children's safety

  • Explain that they should not get involved in an incident, even if they want to help you.
  • Show them how to use the phone to dial 999, ask for the police and state their address.
  • Show them how to get out of the house safely. Also, tell them where they can go to ask for help.

Keeping yourself safe

If you have concerns about someone knowing you are reading this information, follow the advice at: Keeping Yourself Safe .

To avoid similar problems in the future, use a computer at your local library .

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