Adult Victims

Everyone who is a victim of an offence committed by a young person is contacted by the Calderdale YOT Victim Restorative Officer or a Calderdale Victim Worker. We understand that everyone reacts to the impact of crime differently and you may be frightened, upset or angry; whatever you are feeling is completely normal and you can gain further information here.

The Victim worker will listen to your needs and explain your rights and the different Restorative Options available. It is your decision if you want to be involved.

Restorative Justice

In criminal justice, restorative practice is widely known as restorative justice. Restorative justice gives victims the chance to meet or communicate with their offenders to explain the real impact of the crime – it empowers victims by giving them a voice.

Restorative justice is about victims and offenders communicating within a controlled environment to talk about the harm that has been caused and finding a way to repair that harm.

For offenders, the experience can be incredibly challenging as it confronts them with the personal impact of their crime. For victims, meeting the person who has harmed them can be a huge step in moving forward and recovering from the crime.

Restorative justice conferences, where a victim meets their offender, are led by a facilitator who supports and prepares the people taking part and makes sure that the process is safe. Sometimes, when a face to face meeting is not the best way forward, the facilitator will arrange for the victim and offender to communicate via letters, Restorative Voice Recording or Restorative video ; there are lots of different ways  to be involved so why not contact us to discuss further.

For any kind of communication to take place, the offender must have admitted to the crime, and both victim and offender must be willing to participate.  Restorative justice can be used for any type of crime and at any stage of the criminal justice system.

Our Victim workers follow the Victim Code which explains your rights as a victim.

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