Prevent resources for professionals and parents

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015) places a legal duty on specified authorities to give due regard to the need to prevent radicalisation and extremism.

The Prevent duty guidance outlines the responsibilities of specified authorities: Prevent duty guidance

Sector specific statutory guidance can be found at: Counter Terrorism strategy 2010 to 2015 government policy

How Prevent ready are you? Use this form to help measure where you are now: DOCPrevent self-assessment form [DOC 76KB]


There are a number of professionals across Calderdale qualified to deliver WRAP3 training (Workshop To Raise Awareness Around Prevent) and we have regular courses running via the Council’s workforce development team. If you would like further information about training then please contact Calderdale Council’s Workforce Development Team.

Online Training

A new online training service has been launched which can be found via the link below: Prevent online training from the Home Office

It will also be available at: Prevent duty guidance . You can also access a new PREVENT training catalogue via the link above.

Channel online training Channel Online Training

Posters and Leaflets

Prevent flyer for inside; PDFPrevent Flyer - Inside [PDF 225KB]

Prevent flyer for outside;PDFPrevent flyer - outside [PDF 101KB]

British Values Poster

PDFWhat are British Values? (Size A4) [PDF 84KB]

PDFWhat are British Values ? (Size A3) [PDF 85KB]

Extremism poster

PDFExtremism Poster (A4 size) [PDF 49KB]

PDFExtremism Poster (A3 size) [PDF 50KB]

Charity Commission  - Support Syria Safely

PDFSupport Syria Safely [PDF 66KB]

Related Information - web sites


Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board

West Yorkshire Joint procedures PREVENT


For Health Professionals:

GOV.UK - Department of Health: Guidance and toolkit for vulnerable adult interventions

For Teachers:

GOV.UK: Teaching approaches that help to build resilience to extremism among young people

For Health Professionals and Teachers:

PDFCalderdale channel safeguarding partnership - referral pack 2017 [PDF 265KB]

Resources for Parents:

Educate Against Hate (.com)

Report Terrorism (

Prevent Tragedies (

Information from the Police

PDFTime To Talk [PDF 234KB]

Further Information

If you would like further information around resources, then please contact: