Prevent Channel

The aim of Channel is:

To safeguard individuals who might be vulnerable to being radicalised, so that they are not at risk of being drawn into terrorist-related activity.

Channel is a partnership approach to safeguard individuals who are vulnerable to being radicalised by terrorists and drawn into terrorist activity. It is a key strand of the Government’s Prevent Strategy, published in June 2011: Prevent strategy 2011

A multi-agency panel, chaired by the local authority, decides on the most appropriate action to support individuals after considering their circumstances. Every support package is monitored closely and reviewed regularly. By providing this support, we are able to safeguard our communities from the threat of terrorism.

Channel is a multi-agency approach to identify and provide support to individuals who are at risk of being drawn into terrorist-related activity.

The process forms a key part of the Government’s Prevent strategy.

Channel works in a similar way to existing successful partnership initiatives which aim to safeguard individuals who are vulnerable and protect them from harm, such as Early Intervention Panels.

The process provides a mechanism for safeguarding vulnerable individuals by assessing the nature and extent of the potential risk they face before they become involved in criminal activity and, where necessary, provide a support package tailored to an individual’s needs.

Terrorism is a very real threat to all our communities and terrorists seek to exploit those who are most vulnerable. That is why it is vital that we all work together to support those who are at risk of radicalisation – regardless of faith, ethnicity or background.

Channel is about working together to support vulnerable individuals at an early stage and providing them, where appropriate, with advice and support to divert them away from terrorism.

Please read the Channel Duty Guidance: Channel Duty Guidance see FAQs about PREVENT in Calderdale for more information around Channel in Calderdale.

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