Have a safe night out

Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire Police and the NHS are working with partners, such as Halifax Street Angels and Lifeline Calderdale. This helps to ensure that our district is a great place to enjoy a safe night out.

This advice is not about telling people not to drink, but how to drink and stay safe.


Any amount of drugs or alcohol affects your ability to drive. There is no foolproof way of drinking and staying under the limit. Leave your car at home!

For those caught driving under the influence of drugs, penalties are as severe as those for drink driving. Leave your car at home!

For further information, visit: Drink driving .

Personal safety

  • Plan your night out, including the journey there and back.
  • Only use Calderdale licensed taxis with door signs.
  • Look out for your friends! DO NOT leave them alone if they have been drinking. Make sure they look out for you!
  • Know your limits.


Safe drinking limits

Men Women
21 units per week 14 units per week

Not sure what a unit of alcohol is? To find out more visit: Drinking and alcohol (NHS).

If you just need to talk to someone phone: 01924 298954 (The Star Project - Surviving Trauma After Rape).

Other advice on having a safe night out

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