Pubwatch scheme and network

Pubwatch is a community based crime prevention scheme, organised and run by licensees. This helps landlords give each other support, exchange information and discuss problems affecting the area.

Calderdale Pubwatch Network links all Calderdale’s Pubwatch Schemes bringing members together, to ensure all are kept up-to-date. All members receive the same support and information from the Police and Local Authority. This ensures information relating to crime and individuals who are banned is circulated effectively. It also makes sure all Pubwatch Schemes are run the same, using the same systems.

This working together creates a safer and more secure environment in and around licensed premises for everyone.

We can achieve this by working together to reduce alcohol related and other crime, creating safer places for all. West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council support the schemes.

The following guidelines document shows how to set up, run and join a Pubwatch Scheme in your area. It also covers how your area can be part of a network with other schemes across the Borough: PDFPubwatch Scheme and Network Guidelines [PDF 80KB]

Pubwatch meetings

At Pubwatch meetings licensees discuss ways of reducing these problems and so make life difficult for those who cause them.

The kinds of problems that are considered are:

  • Under age-drinking
  • antisocial behaviour, such as: drunkenness, drinking in the street, theft, drugs, vandalism and assaults.

For meeting details, please read:

For more about Pubwatch, visit: National Pubwatch .

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