Street cleansing

Calderdale's Safer Cleaner Greener Teams are responsible for clearing away litter from adopted streets and public open spaces throughout the Borough.

What we do

  • Sweep roads and footpaths, both manually and mechanically;
  • Empty over 900 litter bins and litter pick areas on a daily basis;
  • Remove graffiti and flyposting;
  • Deal with drug-related litter;
  • Remove fly-tipping and dumping;
  • Remove leaves from streets and other areas;
  • Control weed growth;
  • Provide 24/7 emergency highway response to road traffic accidents, spillages and flooding;
  • Provide support to Community and Neighbourhood Action Groups who wish to improve their local environment with 'community clean ups'. Here we provide bags, gloves, the loaning litter pickers and we collect the rubbish.

How you can help keep Calderdale clean

  • Dispose of your household waste and recycling through your domestic bins or at any of Calderdale’s waste management sites;
  • When using public spaces dispose of your litter in designated litter bins or take it home;
  • Pick up after your dog has fouled. It is illegal to leave your dog's waste in public spaces;
  • Don't park where you want us to clean;
  • Have waste collection contracts for your business – it is illegal to put trade waste or domestic waste in public litter bins;
  • Report your concerns and instances of littering, dog fouling, fly-posting, graffiti or fly tipping to the Safer Cleaner Greener services;
  • Help create Cleaner neighbourhoods - get involved ;
  • Find out more about cleaner communities, visit: Keep Britain Tidy , who run anti-litter campaigns for England.

You can request our services online:

Report dog fouling

Report fly-tipping

Report graffiti or flyposting

Request for removal of dead animal from road or pavement

Request new litter bin

Or you can contact:

Support for community clean-ups

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