Plastic bags, cardboard and drink cans on a grassed area

The Council has a duty to keep streets and public places clear of litter. We spend around £1.6m of your money every year on keeping our Borough clean and tidy. We place litter bins in public areas and clean our streets regularly to avoid a build-up of litter.

We have different schedules for cleaning litter, emptying litter bins and road sweeping, it depends on where it is.

You can help us keep Calderdale clean by:

  • being tidy with your litter and chewing gum;
  • using the free refuse tips;
  • having waste collection contracts for your business;
  • not leaving your dog's mess for others;
  • not 'Fly posting', it is untidy and illegal;
  • not parking where you want us to clean;
  • reporting full, overflowing, damaged or defaced litter and dog bins.

We will:

  • clean town centres regularly;
  • clean adopted roads every four to six weeks;
  • remove rubbish that has built up on council land;
  • empty litter bins;
  • help with your local clean-ups.

Note: We only do extra cleaning to remove fallen leaves in November and December.


Dropping litter is an offence. Our enforcement officers can issue fixed penalty notice fines of £80, to people who drop litter on purpose.

If you are fined and do not pay, you can be prosecuted through the courts. This can lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

Report it online

You can request our services online:

Report litter

Request new litter bin

Community clean up campaigns

We also organise clean-up campaigns with community groups. We also work with schools to make children aware of problems caused by littering. See: Cleaner neighbourhoods - get involved .

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