Registering a birth - fertility treatment

The registration process for children conceived as a result of fertility treatment can be different depending on the situation. The process is outlined here;

Registering a child conceived after fertility treatment

The woman who gives birth, including a surrogate mother, will be shown as the child's mother in the birth registration. 

In the case of a surrogacy arrangement, the couple who arranged for the surrogate mother to carry a child for them may apply to the courts for a parental order that will enable the birth to be re-registered to show them as the parents. Legal advice should be obtained if further information about this is required.

When a court issues a parental order, a copy is sent to Corrections and Re-registration Section at the General Register Office in Southport who will complete the re-registration of the birth.

For further information please Contact Calderdale Register Office.

Registration where the male / second female parent dies before a child is conceived

Where a child is conceived as a result of fertility treatment, after the death of the male / second female parent receiving treatment with the mother, the male / second female parent can be registered as the child's father / parent on production of the following documentary evidence:

  • the mother's written declaration that she wishes the man's name to be recorded as the father or the woman's name to be recorded as the second female parent, in the birth registration;
  • the man's or woman's written consent to the fertility treatment and to being named as the father / second female parent in the birth registration;
  • written confirmation from the clinic that consent had not been withdrawn (applies only to men who died after 18 September 2003);
  • written confirmation of the fertility treatment from a medical source, for example, the treatment clinic, mother's own doctor or hospital doctor;
  • a certificate of the man's or woman's death (the date and place of death will suffice if the death occurred in England or Wales);
  • if applicable, a certificate of marriage or civil partnership (the date and place of marriage or civil partnership will suffice if it occurred in England or Wales).

This does not give the child any legal status or rights concerning, for example, inheritance or nationality. If you would like further information, you should seek legal advice.

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