Register a birth

A birth must be registered within 42 days. If not, the Register Office will write to you to remind you of your legal responsibility.

Note: A birth must be registered in the district where it occurs. If a birth occurs outside Calderdale, a declaration can be made here. This is then forwarded to the Registrar of the relevant district, who will issue the necessary paperwork. We rely on postal services to send declaration information to other districts. This can lead to delays in certificates being issued.

Book an appointment

To register a birth: Book an appointment with the Register Office

Who can register a birth?

  • Parents married to each other

If married to each other at the time of the birth, or conception, either can register.

  • Parents not married to each other

If not married to each other, the simplest way is for both parents to attend to register together. If this is not possible, there are three ways the father's details can be registered:

  1. The father completes a declaration form confirming he is the father, which the mother gives to the register office.*
  2. The mother completes a declaration form confirming the father’s details. the father can then register the birth at the register office alone.*
  3. In some cases a court order will be made naming the father. Note: In this case, the mother can register the birth alone, but please contact: Calderdale Register Office first.

*Note: For 1 and 2, the declaration must be made, by one parent only, before a:

  • justice of the peace;
  • magistrate;
  • commissioner for oaths;
  • practising solicitor;
  • notary public;
  • licensed conveyancer;
  • authorised advocate;
  • authorised litigator.

Copies of the declaration form are available from any Register Office

  • Other people who may register births

In extreme cases, where neither parent can register a birth, contact: Calderdale Register Office for further advice.

Information to be supplied for the registration of a birth


  • Date and place of birth. If the birth is one of twins, triplets, etc., the time of each child's birth will be needed;
  • sex of the child;
  • the forename(s) and surname in which it is intended that the child will be brought up.


  • Forename(s) and surname;
  • maiden surname if the mother is, or has been, married;
  • date and place of birth;
  • occupation at the time of the child's birth, or if not employed at that time, the last or usual occupation;
  • usual address at the date of the birth.

Father (where this information is to be entered in the register)

  • Forename(s) and surname;
  • date and place of birth;
  • occupation at the time of the child's birth, or if not employed at that time, the last or usual occupation;
  • usual address at the date of the birth.

It is most important that the information recorded in the birth register is correct. The person registering the birth must check the information being recorded in the register is accurate, before signing the entry. From 1st November 2017, a fee is payable to amend any information contained in a registration.

If you require any further information, contact: Calderdale Register Office .

What documents will be issued?

Certificates are available to buy at the appointment. Note: A full certificate is needed to apply for a child's passport or bank account.

Parental responsibility

The mother of a child and father (if he is married to the mother), automatically have parental responsibility.

Where parents are not married to each other:

  • fathers gets parental responsibility if they act, with mothers, to have their name recorded in the child's birth registration. This applies from 1st December 2003 onwards.

An unmarried father can obtain parental responsibility by later marrying the child's mother. This is by making a parental responsibility agreement with her, or by getting a court order. You may wish to think about this if you have other children.

For further information or advice, contact:

Website: Family lives .

Phone: 0808 800 2222.

Textphone: 0800 783 6783.

Otherwise, obtain legal advice.


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