Memorials at Park Wood Crematorium

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is available to view at Park Wood Crematorium:

The trees at  Park Wood Crematorium
  • Monday - Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10.15am to 3.45pm.

Entries can be inserted into the Book of Remembrance in two, five, or eight-lines; floral or badge emblems are available with five or eight-line entries.

The Book of Remembrance can be viewed online:  Online Book of Remembrance for Park Wood Crematorium

For advice on prices, or to obtain an order form to insert an entry into the Book of Remembrance, please contact Bereavement Services.

Other memorials

Other memorials include:

Memorial rose beds at Park Wood Crematorium
  • memorial roses
  • benches (subject to availability)
  • private garden areas
  • kerbstone plaques
  • tower plaques, including a memorial tower plaque specifically for infants.
  • trees (subject to availability)
  • Ash Vaults
  • Columbarium
  • Wall plaques
  • Scatter tubes
  • Keepsakes and jewellery

For prices and application forms for plaque wording, please contact Bereavement Services.

The memorial ash vault at Park Wood Crematorium

Memorials at Park Wood Crematorium are situated in specific areas, designed to provide an attractive, landscaped, garden of remembrance.

No glass or plastic vases are allowed, and no unauthorised memorabilia is permitted to be placed within the crematorium grounds.

Options available for the final resting place of cremated remains

Gardens of Remembrance

After cremation, there are a number of options available to families who are unsure as to the final resting place of the cremated remains.

At Park Wood Crematorium, the cremated remains can be strewn in the Gardens of Remembrance by our staff. We have seasonal locations for the strewing of cremated remains, which are recorded in our statutory records for the purpose of future reference. Alternatively, an appointment can be made for the family to attend while the cremated remains are strewn. There are no additional charges for this service, provided the cremation was undertaken at Park Wood.

Burial of cremated remains

Small garden memorial plaques at Park Wood Crematorium

For families wishing the cremated remains to be interred instead of strewn, a garden of remembrance plot which holds two caskets can be purchased, with a brass or granite plaque, at Brighouse, Rastrick, Clifton or Stoney Royd cemeteries. Alternatively, a half grave space can be purchased at any Calderdale cemetery. For advice, or fees involved in purchasing the exclusive right of burial in a grave space please contact Bereavement Services.


Your funeral director will advise you on the options available if you wish to collect the cremated remains for a private disposal, or if you require more time to make a decision.

Keeping your crematorium clean and safe

People choose to remember their loved ones in different ways and this includes putting mementoes on gravesides. However, in recent years this has increased and raised a number of concerns including:

  • items being stolen or broken
  • complaints about accessibility and safety
  • items getting scattered over cemeteries by animals or wind, making them untidy and unsafe.

We are working to ensure that we keep our spaces clean and tidy for everyone to visit their loved ones.

Most of the memorials at Park Wood Crematorium come with a flower vase for floral tributes.  Extra vases, ornaments, solar lights etc are not encouraged but if you choose to leave them please be aware that these may be removed without notice at any time.  Any items found to be broken, decayed or not in keeping with the surroundings of Park Wood Crematorium will  be removed.  Park Wood Crematorium cannot accept liability for any damage or theft of additional items which are left.  All items are left at your own risk.

After this time we will continue to clear items away two weeks after they have been left. This is a policy employed by all Councils and helps to keep our special places clean, tidy and safe for everyone.

Remembrance Day

Memorial crosses for Remembrance Day will be allowed to stay until 2 weeks after the event.

If there is a problem, talk to staff during your visit who will be happy to help.