Funerals and cremations

There are several things that need to be done when someone has died. There are friends and organisations to notify and usually funeral arrangements to be made.

The trees at  Park Wood Crematorium

This information will help you through both the legalities and the practicalities.

Further information regarding charges and exhumations can be found on this page. Other information is detailed in our PDFBereavement Services Brochure [PDF 865KB]

Charges for funerals and cremations

Fees and charges for services, memorials and other miscellaneous charges can be found in our PDFFees and charges 2018 [PDF 86KB].

Exhumation procedures and legislation

Exhumation of burial human remains and cremated remains will normally require a Home Office Licence issued from the Ministry of Justice. Our PDFExhumation procedures and legislation [PDF 104KB] outlines the requirements.

Enquiries about licences should be made direct to the Ministry of Justice. For more information, visit: apply for an exhumation licence .

See also: Registration Service's Online Booking System .

Births, marriages and deaths

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