Celebratory ceremonies

Celebratory ceremonies can take place at Spring Hall ceremony suite .

They may also take place in any venue in Calderdale that has public liability and fire insurance.

Due to their personal nature, it is not fitting to hold them in an area open to the public.

For details on costs, please see: Fees .

Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a special way of celebrating a child's birth. It also makes known their name and welcomes the new arrival into the family. It is a service without any religious content.

Families can choose guiding adults to pledge a unique relationship with the child. They can then make their own promises to be as good a parent as possible.

Grandparents and other special relatives can also take part.

Families can select poems and readings to make their Naming more personal.

Renewal of vows ceremonies

These are for people who are already legally married to each other, or who have had a civil partnership ceremony.

They are appropriate if the first ceremony was very small, or took place abroad. The couple may now want to celebrate with a wider circle of friends.

They are an ideal way to celebrate a special anniversary. They can also be used to re-affirm a couples bond, after they have gone through a difficult period together.

Ceremonies can include special poems and readings to make them more personal. There is also the option to re-dedicate wedding rings or to give new rings.


For more details, or to book, contact: Calderdale Register Office .


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