Abandoned dogs

Dogs that have been left in, or attached to property as unwanted pets will not be seized or detained by the Council. The Council recommends that you contact the: RSPCA: Halifax and Huddersfield Animal Centre , the: Dogs Trust , or other dog welfare organisations.

Barking Dogs

For information about barking dogs, see: Noise .

Dangerous Dogs

Responsibility for enforcing legislation on the keeping of dangerous dogs, such as:

  • Japanese Tosa;
  • Fila Brasiliero;
  • Dogo Argentino; or
  • Pit-Bull Terrier types;

is with:  West Yorkshire Police: Calderdale Neighbourhood Policing , phone: 101.

If we receive a complaint about a Stray dog acting aggressively, Dog Wardens may seize or detain it. Phone: 01422 288001.

Dog Control Orders

Dog Control Orders relate to the control of dogs in open spaces, such as: parks, recreation grounds and roads. They also contain measures in relation to dog fouling.

For more information, see: Dog Control Orders .

Dog fouling

The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Calderdale) Order 2012, states that it is an offence for: "a person, in charge of a dog, not to clean up immediately after the dog has fouled".

For more on this Law, see: Dog fouling .

To report dog fouling, please complete the online form: Report dog fouling

Found Dogs

  • During office hours

    If you find a stray dog and restrained it, you can phone: 01422 288001. They will collect the dog and take it to Council's appointed kennels. Council Dog Wardens scan all seized dogs, but this is not always effective. We cannot guarantee we will be able to contact the owner.

  • Outside office hours

    The Council does not operate a stray dog collection service outside normal office hours. If you find and restrained a stray, you must report it to the Council’s Out of hours support number. You can then take it to the Council's kennels, if you are able to.

Lost Dogs

If you have lost your dog, report it to the Police. They are responsible for recording lost property.

You may also wish to contact local veterinary practices to see if they have treated the dog. Details of local veterinary practices can be found in Yell - the UK's local business directory .

  • During office hours

    You can also report it to the Council. We will check our records to see if the dog has been reported and taken to the Council's kennels.

  • Outside Office hours

    If you lose your dog outside office hours you can report it to the Council’s Out of hours support number.

Reclaiming a stray dog or lost dog

  • During office hours

    Phone: 01422 288001 to see if your dog has been collected, or whether we have any information about it. We will give you any information we may have about your dog.

  • Outside office hours

    Phone the Council’s Out of hours support , who may be able to assist with any information about your dog.

To reclaim a stray dog from the Council's kennels, you must pay:

  • a Government fine; and
  • a Council administration charge; and
  • any veterinary fees and boarding fees.

The Council's kennels do not have any discretion to alter these charges. The full amount must be paid to the kennels (cash or credit / debit card accepted), when collecting the dog.


Description of charge Charge (*)
Administration charge per reclaim £30
Statutory charge per reclaim £25
Kennelling: per dog, per day £15.30
Kennelling: per litter of puppies, per day £11.40

* Charge inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

The charges for reclaiming a single dog are summarised in the table below. This table shows the total charge payable, excluding veterinary charges, if you collect your dog on the day shown. Example, collect your dog on day four, after it was taken to the kennels, you pay £115 reclaim charge.

If there are any veterinary fees these will be charged in addition to the charges shown.

Days in kennels Total charge (*)
1 £70
2 £85
3 £100
4 £115
5 £130
6 £145
7 £160
8 £175
9 £190
10 £205
11 £220

* Charge inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

To reclaim your dog you will need one of the following forms of identification:

  • driving licence;
  • passport;
  • utility bill with your name on it;
  • rent book, pension book or mortgage payment book.

For details of the Council's kennels and how to get there, phone: 01422 288001.

Responsible dog ownership

It is an offence to allow a dog in a public place without it wearing a collar and tag. The tag should have the owner's name and address on it. It is essential to ensure that contact details are kept up to date. If you do not have a tag on your dog, you can be fined up to £5,000.

In April 2016, it became law that all dogs must be electronically tagged. For more information, visit: The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 . The Council encourages dog owners to consider 'chipping their dog(s) to assist in reuniting lost dogs with their owners.

Stray dogs

You can report a stray dog roaming the streets to the Dog Wardens. They will try to seize it, particularly if the dog is a danger to the public, or a traffic hazard.

If the Dog Wardens seize a dog, they will take it to the Council's kennels. It will be kept for 7 days prior to it being re-homed, or put to sleep. If the dog owner can be identified, then the Dog Wardens will attempt to contact them. They will inform the owner how to reclaim their dog. We do not deliver stray dogs back to their owners, even if the dog is chipped or has a collar. It is the responsibility of the owner to collect the dog from the kennels.

To report a stray dog, please complete the online form: Report a stray dog

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