Preparing for emergencies

Don't panic, prepare

The chances of your family being caught up in an emergency are low but, just in case, every family needs to plan for what might happen in the event of an emergency such as a flood or fire. A few minutes thinking about it now could make a big difference when the unexpected happens. Prepare now!

The Emergency Planning Team have put together a useful and interesting booklet about preparing for emergencies.

Spend 10 minutes of your time and get your family prepared for the unexpected: PDFDon't Panic - Prepare [PDF 1653KB]

Community Risk Register

Each year members of the West Yorkshire Resilience Forum assess risks in our region and develop a Community Risk Register which identifies risks and allocates a risk rating based on the likelihood of that type of emergency occurring and the impact that emergency would have on the local community.

The current assessment in Calderdale is that the emergencies most likely to occur are:

  • Flooding
  • weather related incidents including gales, snow and cold weather and heatwaves
  • Dam or reservoir failure
  • Fire
  • Pandemic.

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