Rest centres

During an emergency you may be asked to evacuate your home, or you may find an area surrounding your home has been cordoned off by the emergency services and you are unable to gain access. This will happen if the emergency services, usually the Fire and Rescue Service or Police, feel it would be safer for you to be away from the area.

If you are evacuated, you should listen to the advice given to you by the emergency services. If you have somewhere else to go, for example if you have a relative or family friend you can stay with, tell a Police Officer how you can be contacted once you are able to return home. Otherwise, stay in the area designated by the emergency services and the Council’s Emergency Planning Team will assist in directing you to a Rest Centre.

Rest Centres are buildings, such as community centres and sports halls, which will be used to provide temporary accommodation for displaced persons in the event of an evacuation. The Council has a number of designated Rest Centres throughout Calderdale and will decide which Rest Centre is most appropriate to use in the event of an emergency. The Centre you are evacuated to may not be the nearest to your home as it depends on the incident and the safest place for you to be accommodated.

A number of Council employees have volunteered to provide support in Rest Centres. These volunteers will be deployed at the time of an emergency to distribute items including bedding and food to meet the welfare needs of those who have been evacuated.

Voluntary Agencies, such as the Women's Royal Voluntary Services, St John Ambulance, and Salvation Army will also assist the Council in providing support and understanding to those affected by an incident.

Humanitarian Assistance Centre

A Humanitarian Assistance Centre may be set up following an emergency to provide anyone affected by the incident with a single point of contact for information and appropriate support from relevant agencies. This may include physical, practical and social support.

The decision to open a Humanitarian Assistance Centre will be made jointly between responding organisations, including the Local Authority, who will decide upon an appropriate location for the centre. The Humanitarian Assistance Centre will be established to address the longer-term support and recovery issues for those affected by the incident.


The Emergency Planning Team maintains stores of emergency equipment at a number of locations within the Authority for use in the event of an emergency, including sleeping bags and blankets. As part of a mutual aid agreement with neighbouring local authorities, Calderdale Council has access to similar stores in other West Yorkshire Districts.

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