Council's emergency planning

During an emergency, the role of Calderdale Council’s Emergency Planning Team is to:

  • coordinate the Councils response;
  • assist the emergency services;
  • and support the needs of the people and communities affected by the incident.

The Emergency Planning Team works with partner organisations to carry out assessments on potential risks. This is in order to develop, prepare and maintain emergency plans, guidance documents and other related information. This is done to benefit Calderdale’s communities and beyond.

During an emergency, the Council and other organisations will strive to support all members of the community. However, there are actions you can take to help keep yourself and your family safe until help arrives.

More information can be found from the Cabinet Office at: The Civil Contingencies Act and Emergency preparedness .

See also: Business Advice .

Contact Emergency Planning

For any information regarding Emergency Planning issues, please contact the Emergency Planning Team:


The Team can also give general advice and support towards achieving Business Continuity.

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