Future Elections


Local elections

The next scheduled Local Council elections will be held in May 2019.

Parish elections

The next scheduled Parish Council elections will be held in May 2019.

Police Commissioner elections

The last Police Commissioner election was held on May 5th, 2016. The next scheduled Police Commissioner election will be held in 2020.

European elections

The last European Parliamentary election was held on 22nd May 2014. The next scheduled European Parliamentary election will be held in 2019.

Parliamentary elections

The last UK Parliamentary General Election was held on June 8th 2017. The next scheduled UK Parliamentary General Election will be held in 2022.

Business Improvement Districts

PDFBrighouse Business Improvement District (BID) [PDF 194KB]

Casual vacancies

A casual vacancy is caused when a person elected to a Local or Parish Council can no longer continue to act as a councillor. If the vacancy occurs at a time when that councillor would not be due for re-election, then a by-election may be held. Public notice that there is a vacancy on the Local or Parish Council is given and electors from that particular area must request that an election be held to fill the vacancy. When the Returning Officer has received a valid request for an election, he will decide when the election will be held.


Frequency of elections

Elections Elected Frequency
Local Council 1 Councillor per ward

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Annually, 3 years out of every 4

(no elections held in the 4th year).
Parish Council All Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors
Every 4 years
European Parliament Yorkshire and the Humber Region elects 6 members to the European Parliament

Local MPs and MEPs
Every 5 years
Parliamentary There are 2 Parliamentary constituencies in Calderdale, Calder Valley County constituency and Halifax Borough constituency. Each constituency elects 1 member to Parliament

Local MPs and MEPs
Every 5 years
Police and Crime Commissioner There is one Commissioner for West Yorkshire. Every 4 years


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