Electoral offences

Electoral offences

Your right to vote is personal, no-one should stop you from voting, or interfere with your right to vote.

Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Police work together to ensure that elections in Calderdale are free, fair and transparent. Procedures are in place to detect and prevent electoral fraud, both in the lead up to and during elections.

If you notice suspicious activity, or are aware that electoral offences are, or may be, being committed, report it immediately to the Returning Officer.

The following activities are against the law:

  • Bribery, candidates (or supporters) cannot give money or offer gifts to persuade you to vote a particular way.
  • Treating, candidates (or supporters) cannot directly or indirectly give or provide food, drink or entertainment in order to influence a voter.
  • Intimidation, candidates (or supporters) cannot use undue influence, or intimidation of any kind, to influence the way you vote.
  • Multiple Voting, you should not vote, or attempt to vote, more than once in the same election. This applies to both voting in person and by post.
  • Personation, you should not vote, or attempt to vote, as some other person, under any circumstances! This is even if you know that person is away and how they would have voted. This applies to both voting in person and by post.

How to report offences

You can report illegal or suspicious activity, by completing this online form: Report a suspected electoral offence

You can also report using this form: PDFElectoral offences report form [PDF 42KB] . Print it, complete it, then return it by email to: electoral-services@calderdale.gov.uk .

Acceptable Activities relating to Voting - Videos

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