Our mission and priorities

We have agreed a new mission and priorities: “Calderdale – Be the Best Borough in the North”. We aim to grow the economy, reduce inequalities and build a sustainable future. This will help the Council to achieve and deliver change and transformation in the coming years.

Mission and Priorities

The revised priorities give a strong emphasis on growth that is sustainable, supporting jobs and opportunities for our residents. We focus on inequality and attainment, while recognising the Council needs to transform the way it works. We want to become more agile and adaptive to delivery models. We aim to make full use of technology and the skills and ideas of our workforce.

This model makes clear and transparent links to the change programmes of the Council and major projects. We aim to improve reporting and performance monitoring mechanisms. This will help with early and timely intervention, to better inform and direct strategic improvement work.

Corporate Performance Report


Our Corporate Performance Report contains Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) focussing on exceptions. These are indicators that clearly have a significant change in performance. See our Council performance overview. Our performance dashboard is interactive, allowing you to view current performance. You can see how we compare our progress over time and against others.

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