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Data and information

Data protection and freedom of information

Here you can find out how the Council is being open and transparent with information it holds. See what we publish as open data, making a freedom of information request and requesting to see your personal information.

Data matching | Data protection | Fees and charges | Freedom of information | The Publication Scheme

Open Data

Here you can see information on Calderdale Data Works to see what Open Data we have published. Open data is about transparency and sharing information we hold with the wider community.

Data Works | Education | Land and property | Organisation and salaries | Spending and procurement

Priorities & performance

This section contains the Council's ambition, its priorities for improvement, links to key planning documents, key performance reports and tools we use to deliver improvement and change.

Our mission and priorities | Care quality commission's reports | Council performance overview | Council performance report | Council publications | Innovate Calderdale | Joint Strategic Needs Assessment | Ofsted inspection | Peer Challenge

Privacy notices (services)

Privacy notices for Council services that collect your personal data (DPA2018).


Here you can search for the Council's publications, or browse a list of publications arranged by category.

Statistics and information

Here we have data on topics including: population, households, business, education, health and crime, in Calderdale.

Whistleblowing policy

Here are details of the Council's whistleblowing policy and why we have it.