Scrutiny boards and Ad-hoc Flooding Scrutiny panel

Calderdale Council has three Scrutiny Boards, which carry out the Council's overview and scrutiny responsibilities.

The Scrutiny Boards act as a "check and balance" on the Council's executive functions, carried out by the Cabinet and the Council's senior management. It does this by looking in detail at local issues and services and recommending improvements and by scrutinising executive decisions and service performance.

To find out more about how scrutiny works in Calderdale, see How does it work? .

Scrutiny has an important role to play in Calderdale achieving its long-term vision of, 'Everyone different everyone matters'. It also tackles the Council's key priorities, see: Our mission and priorities .

We do not just look at Council services, but also the NHS and Police. We also look at private and community organisations that come under our spotlight!

The Flooding Scrutiny Panel was established and constituted following the receipt by Council of the final report of the Calderdale Flood Commission. This was on 20th July 2016 and all recommendations were accepted by Council. The last section of the Flood Commission Report made a number of recommendations relating to Governance. This included a recommendation that the Calderdale Flood Risk Management and Resilience Partnership Board (“the Partnership Board”) be held to account by a separate ad hoc Scrutiny Committee. This will meet as required, but at least twice a year and will operate under the powers provided by The Flood Risk Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee (England) Regulations 2011 (2011 No. 697). This role will be undertaken by the Flood Scrutiny Panel.


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