Annual report

2015 / 2016

We are pleased to present the Annual Report of the Scrutiny Panels for 2015/16.

The report highlights those areas where Councillors, working on a cross-party basis, have looked in detail at some of the most important issues facing Calderdale residents.

Scrutiny Panels have combined work in formal meetings with more in-depth scrutiny reviews.

The role of scrutiny in local Councils is becoming increasingly important. In times of austerity, it is crucial that the Council’s Cabinet and senior officers are challenged to ensure that every penny we spend is spent well on providing essential and effective services to Calderdale people. For example, one of the important duties of Scrutiny Panels is to be robust in challenging the Council and its partners to demonstrate that they are doing everything possible to safeguard vulnerable people.

And particularly in view of on-going concerns around the future of hospital provision in Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, the importance of making sure that elected Councillors listen carefully to local residents, patients, service users and other stakeholders is imperative.

We would like to thank all the officers, colleagues from other organisations and members of the public who have helped us in our work throughout they year by providing us with high quality evidence about a wide range of issues. We hope to hear from even more of you next year.

Scrutiny Panel Chairs 2015-16

(former) Councillor M James – Adults, Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel

Councillor J Ford - Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel.

Councillor M Thompson - Communities Scrutiny Panel

Councillor J Baker - Economy and Environment Scrutiny Panel

Councillor R Holden – Use of Resources Scrutiny Panel

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