Calderdale compact

Calderdale Compact is the local version of a national initiative. It aims to help get over the issues that often arise when working with partners (organisations and sectors).

Partnerships can bring many benefits, like:

  • the chance to learn from each other's experiences;
  • benefit from everyone's skills;
  • hear different voices and make sure we work in the most effective way, without duplicating each other or missing any gaps.

There can also be problems, especially when partners come from completely different backgrounds and sectors. Calderdale Compact gives a framework for partnership working and shared principles that guide strategic and operational working arrangements. Also, it:

  • shows our shared beliefs and principles;
  • recognises the different responsibilities of different sectors;
  • states what we should expect from partners in public, voluntary, community and private sectors and what they can expect from us;
  • sets standards of good practice in key areas of activity: funding, volunteering, consultation and engaging with community groups.

By signing up to this, partners are agreeing to the shared beliefs and principles. Also, to fulfil their commitments as partners and commit to strive towards achieving best practice.


Calderdale Compact is represented by a 'Steering Group'. This is made up from the public, private and voluntary sectors in Calderdale.

Approved by Calderdale Forward, it brings together all of the partnerships and key agencies in Calderdale. this is to make sure that everyone is working together in a strategic and focused way.

The Steering Group has developed a toolkit to help organisations sign up to Calderdale Compact and implement its principles for themselves.

For more on this, please phone Steph Jones on: 01422 393003 (Calderdale Council), or download: PDFCalderdale Compact Toolkit [PDF 1634KB] .

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