Income Services

Sundry Income are responsible for securing payment of all invoices sent out from the Council. An estimated 50,000 invoices are issued to our customers every year.

If you are struggling to pay bills on time, advice is available on managing your finances. See: Debt advice.

Miscellaneous invoices

  • Invoice payment is due 28 days from the date shown on the invoice.
  • If you are unable to pay your invoice within the required time, contact us to make a suitable payment arrangement.
  • The invoice should be paid within 10 weeks / 3 months. If this is not manageable, an income and expenditure form will be sent for you to complete and you will be asked to provide evidence of your outgoings
  • If the content of an invoice is incorrect, contact the department that sent it to you. Their details are given on the right-hand-side of the invoice, along with a contact phone number.

Payment methods

Note: If you choose to pay by credit card, a surcharge will be made to cover administration costs.


Invoices can be paid online, using a debit or credit card. This service is available 24 hours a day, see: online payments .


You can pay Invoices by using the Council’s touchtone phone payment facility and your debit or credit card. Phone: 0161 627 9915 (24 hour service), or the Income office on: 01422 393546 (Monday - Thursday 9.00am to 5.30pm and Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm).


By crossed cheque, postal order or money order, made to 'Calderdale MBC' and crossed 'a/c payee only'. Send to:

  • Username Revenues and Benefits Services
  • Address
    Calderdale MBC
    Revenues and Benefits Services
    PO Box 51
    HX1 1TP


Write your invoice number, or customer reference number, on the back of the cheque, postal order or money order.

Post Office

Take your invoice to any Post Office. Using the barcode on the front of the invoice, the Post Office will accept your payment and send it to the Council. The Post Office will not charge you for this service. Post Office - branch finder .

Personal visit

By cash, cheque, postal order or money order (made payable to 'Calderdale MBC' and crossed 'a/c payee only'), at one of our Local Offices .

Reminder letters

We will issue a reminder notice if the invoice isn't paid. This includes failing to make payment on your instalments, or a one off payment.

If you receive a reminder

You should contact the Income Section, as soon as possible' to make arrangements to pay the overdue amount. If the invoice remains unpaid and no explanation is received, our Legal Department will be instructed to start Court proceedings.

Copy invoices

You can request a copy invoice by contacting Income Services (see below).

Contact Income Services

You can pay a miscellaneous invoice online, see: online payments .

  • Username Sundry Income
  • Email
  • Telephone 01422 393981/393510
  • Address
    Sundry Income
    Revenues and Benefits Service
    Town Hall
    PO Box 51
    HX1 1TP