Regeneration and Strategy

Director: Mark Thompson

Service areas

For details of what each service does, please read: PDFEconomy and Environment information document [PDF 213KB] .

Below are also brief summaries of what each service does:

Highways and Transportation


Service Lead: Steven Lee

The Highways and Engineering service is responsible for ensuring that Calderdale’s highways asset is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition and we get the best use out of it. We also have to have a clear transport strategy and plan for future transport needs. The highway asset includes roads, bridges, street lighting, traffic signals, drainage, road markings and signs, car parks and public rights of way.

The key areas of work are:


Developing the Council’s transport policies in partnership with other West Yorkshire Authorities and West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Winter maintenance 

Keeping the roads safe and clear of snow and ice during winter.

Highways and structures maintenance

Roads and highways maintenance The maintenance of the existing infrastructure including filling potholes, repairs to bridges and walls and resurfacing roads.

Highway / network management

Ensure that any disruption from work on the highway by utility companies or the Council is kept to a minimum and is completed quickly.

Highway improvement

Improve and construct highways to reduce congestion and improve conditions.

Highway development control

Work with Planning to consider any changes that need to be made to the highway as part of a planning application.

Management of the enforcement of parking restrictions in Calderdale.

Road safety

Training, publicity and education in reducing road accidents..

Civil engineering services

Design and project management of highway and engineering projects.

Land drainage services

Work to prevent and alleviate flooding.

Flood risk management - Flooding

Managing local flood risks and develop flood risk strategy.

Asset Management

Responsible for managing and maintaining all council assets including roads, footways, walls, bridges.

Out of hours emergency number: 01422 288000

Transport services

Service Lead: Peter Broadbent

The Transport service provides and maintains vehicles for all service areas of the Council, and carries out the testing of hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. The service also provides transport services for special needs school children, the elderly and disabled. The Access Bus is provided under contract to Metro.

A wide range of transport related training to the Council, schools and voluntary/community organisations throughout the Borough is also provided.


Service Lead: Richard SeamanSmarter Planning Champion Logo

The Planning service is responsible for managing and facilitating development through the policy framework, and for administering the Building Regulations.

Business and Skills service

The Business and Economy Team provides support to businesses in Calderdale, across a wide range of economic development issues.

Waste management services

Service Lead:

Calderdale's Waste Management team manages the contract to collect all of the Borough's household waste.

The Waste and recycling service is provided by SUEZ on a contract that runs to 2024.

The also includes the Pest control service , for domestic and business premises.

Environmental health services

Service Lead: Peter Broadbent

The Environmental Health service is responsible for a wide range of environmental protection and enforcement work including; animal health, food safety, environmental protection, noise and the dog warden service. 

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Housing services

This service makes sure that Calderdale builds the houses needed for its future residents. Also, it improves the housing we already have to a good condition.

We work in partnership with the National Health Service (NHS) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This is to ensure we deliver services that improve health.

We improve the efficiency of homes and provide disabled adaptations, whilst also helping residents improve their own homes.

Corporate Projects

Service Lead: Robert Summerfield

The Council currently has a number of major capital projects. These are to regenerate the Borough and improve facilities for people who live, work and visit Calderdale. The Corporate Projects team works with directorate sponsors across the Council to deliver these projects.

The team is working on some of the most exciting and high-profile projects in Calderdale at the moment including the construction of the new Central Library and the redevelopment of the Piece Hall:

West Yorkshire Transport Fund

The Corporate Projects team is also leading Calderdale's West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund Programme, which will see over £150m invested within Calderdale over the next 10 years. The aims of the fund are to increase employment and economic growth throughout the Leeds City Region by investing in transport infrastructure. 

Upper Calder Valley Flood Recovery & Resilience

Following the floods in the Calder Valley in summer 2012, a Flood Recovery & Resilience Team was put together by the Council, to coordinate and lead the ongoing multi-agency recovery. Partners include the Council, community groups, Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, Network Rail and Canal & Rivers Trust.

Corporate Asset and Facilities Management

Lead Officer: Alan Lee

The Corporate Asset and Facilities Management (CAFM) Team has overall responsibility for management and delivery of the Council’s property estate and functions, consisting of approximately 350 properties. The team manages and co-ordinates all asset and facilities management functions across the Council, acting as the Council’s principal advisor in this area of activity.


Lead Officer: John Walker

The Markets service manages all the indoor and outdoor markets in Calderdale.

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