Chief Executive's Office

Chief Executive: Robin Tuddenham

To find out more about Robin, see: PDFChief Executive Profile - May 2018 [PDF 199KB]

The Chief Executive's Office includes Legal and Democratic Services:


Head of Finance: Nigel Broadbent

Finance provide a comprehensive range of financial management and advisory services to the Council and its Directorates.

This is to meet legal requirements for financial transactions undertaken, while helping improve 'value for money' within the Council.

The main services provided include:

  • revenue and capital budget preparation and monitoring;
  • internal audit;
  • risk management;
  • insurance;
  • local management of schools;
  • procurement;
  • payments and treasury management.


Legal and Democratic Services

Head of Legal and Democratic Services: Ian R. Hughes

Legal and Democratic Services includes:

Committee services

This is administrative support to the Council's decision-making committees.

Council and committee meetings are held on an eight week cycle and are open to the public. See: Council, committee and cabinet meetings .


This provides staff support for the Mayor of Calderdale and many other services.

These include administrative support for local councillors and hiring of Town Hall meeting rooms to individuals / organisations.

Legal services

This is provides a full legal service to the Council.

Common land

This details land registered as a common or village green within Calderdale. This includes the rights that may be exercised over common or village green land.

Partnership Services

Calderdale Forward is the district's Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), which brings together organisations that have a shared interest. This is a shared interest and commitment to promoting the social, environmental and economic well-being of Calderdale. It promotes effective strategic planning and partnership working. Public sector organisations, the voluntary and community sector and local businesses are all involved in Calderdale Forward.

Calderdale Forward's aim is to improve the quality of life for people in this Borough. Its role is to develop an overall strategic vision for the area and ensure it is delivered. This is Calderdale's Sustainable Community Strategy. It is responsible for delivering the vision and underpinning the ambitions of this strategy, through its Local Area Agreement.

  • Username Democratic and Partnership Services
  • Email
  • Telephone 01422 288001
  • Address
    Town Hall
    PO Box 51
    HX1 1TP


Further details including the membership, partnership structure and working arrangements of Calderdale Forward contact:

  • Username The Policy and Partnerships Team
  • Address
    Chief Executive's Office
    Calderdale Council
    Town Hall
    PO Box 51
    HX1 1TP


HR & Organisational Development

Head of Service: Jackie Addison

The Corporate Leads (management team) for this service are:

Human Resources

Human Resources includes;

Health and Safety

Health and Safety are responsible for ensuring that the Council complies with its health and safety obligations. This is achieved by developing policies, guidance and training strategies and monitoring, and inspecting work places and activities. Appropriate advice is given to managers and employees to ensure work activities and the public's safety are not compromised.

For more information on health and safety issues, please phone: 01422 393067.

HR Advisory

HR Advisory are responsible for policies and strategies to attract, retain and develop an effective workforce. It provides a framework for managing change constructively. The Advisory Service also encourages and assists in the provision of high standards of personnel management and practice across the authority.

For more information on personnel issues, please phone: 01422 288308.

HR Contracts and Payroll

HR Contracts and Payroll provides the Council, schools and partner organisations support on:

  • Employment contracts;
  • Payroll;
  • HR traded services;
  • HR systems.

For more information on contracts or payroll issues, please phone: 01422 288314.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development are responsible for learning and development activities aimed at maximising the potential of employees, and to assist the Council in the achievement of its strategic objectives. The section provides advice, guidance, and support to all directorates of the Council in the pursuit of the Investors in People award.

The Council has an arrangement with Calderdale College for the delivery of nearly all vocational training. The Learning and Development section works with the College to ensure that relevant cost-effective training is being delivered.

For more information on Learning and Development, please phone: 01422 392865.

Public Health

Director: Paul Butcher

The Director of Public Health is the chief source of public health leadership and advice to the Council and the NHS, and works closely with the Director of Adult and Children's Services to improve the health and wellbeing of Calderdale residents.

The key to Improving Health and Wellbeing is to take action to address the determinants of health. This requires close partnership between the functions of the Council as well as with other agencies and we work with organisations such as:

  • Department of Health
  • Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Clinical Commissioning Group
  • NHS
  • Public Health England
  • Health watch
  • Local health and non-health services
  • Local businesses

The Council is able to influence many of the determinants of health and so has opportunities to improve Calderdale residents' health and wellbeing.

Public Health Directors Report 2018

Here you can download the Public Health Annual Report 2018.

The report is Paul Butcher’s (Director of Public Health at the Council) independent assessment of the state of health in Calderdale. The report focuses on healthy ageing and our changing demographics in Calderdale. It explores implications for the future of our health and social care system. He makes a number of recommendations on how organisations, communities and individuals, need to respond more effectively to the changing age profile in Calderdale.

PDFPublic Health Directors Report 2017/18 [PDF 1625KB]

Determinants of health

  • Biological (age, sex, genetic inheritance)
  • Lifestyle (diet, smoking, exercise)
  • Environment (housing, culture, education, work, safety, transport)
  • Access to Services

The work includes:

  • the development of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Calderdale with the Director of Adults, Health and Social Care and the Director of Children and Young People's Services to identify the health, wellbeing and health care needs of Calderdale.
  • leading and supporting programmes to improve health and wellbeing, reduce health inequalities and promote social inclusion. For example programmes to address obesity, smoking, alcohol and Infant mortality.
  • working with neighbourhoods and local communities to develop their capability to participate fully in improving their own health.
  • supporting to the Emergency Preparedness of Calderdale (e.g. Flu Pandemic).
  • providing public health advice to the Council on different aspects of the Council business where health and wellbeing are significant issues.

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