Cohesion and Integration Strategy

What is 'Cohesion and Integration'?

The Council is committed to understanding our communities and their needs. We want our services to reflect what matters to local people irrespective of their background.

Cohesion and Integration is about celebrating the diversity of our communities, while fostering a sense of common ground and good relations between them.

Calderdale does not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, threats and extremism that affect individuals or divide our communities.

We will work in partnership to respond to these issues.

Why do we have a strategy?

A cohesion and Integration strategy has been drafted and a key requirement of this strategy is for further consultation to be undertaken with a range of organisations as part of the development of this Strategy.

The strategy, reflecting national and local priorities, has some specific focus on race and faith.

It is important that groups identifying with those groups, are reflected in this consultation.

For more detail, read: PDFCommunity Cohesion and Integration Strategy Report 2017 [PDF 145KB]

The Consultation

The consultation is now closed, Thank you for your responses.