Back copies and topics

All the following Newsletters are available on request, from the Senior Customer Knowledge Officer. The more recent newsletters are also available to download.

PDFWinter 2011 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 887KB]

Topics covered include Safer, Cleaner, Greener Service, Equality in Calderdale, Alcohol and Drugs Awareness, Safeguarding adults.

Topics covered include the Council Website; anti-social behaviour; and public involvement in local decision-making.

PDFSpring 2010 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 594KB]

Topics covered include NHS Dental Care, Employment in Calderdale, Understanding our Customers, Physical Activity.

PDFAutumn 2009 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 2083KB]

Topics covered include Winter Road Maintenance Service, Museums and Galleries, Your Home and Neighbourhood, Building Schools for the Future, When You Get in Touch with Us, Alcohol Awareness, Drug Related Issues, Calderdale Markets.

PDFSpring 2009 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 558KB]

Topics covered include Adult Learning, Road Safety Seat Belt Campaign, the A-Z Guide.

PDFSummer 2008 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 599KB]

Topics covered include Customer First, Children and Young People's Plan, Partnership for Older People's Project, Local Facilities, Working for Calderdale Council - a 'Local' Perception, Older People's Services, How are we Doing?

PDFAutumn 2008 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 822KB]

Topics covered include ‘Healthy Minds', Planning Ahead, Where does your money go?, Calderdale Call, Calderdale Drug & Alcohol Action Team, Practice Plus, Culture and Entertainment, Piece Hall.

PDFSpring 2008 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 344KB]

Topics covered include Calderdale Sports Services, Awareness of Services, Alcohol Awareness, CCTV in Calderdale, Voluntary Activity.

Talkback Newsletter Autumn 2007

Topics covered include ‘Seat belts on’ in Calderdale, Childcare Counts in Calderdale, Calderdale Highways, ‘Urgent Care’ Services in the NHS, Voter Awareness, Calderdale Drug & Alcohol Action Team, Calderdale Call.

PDFSummer 2007 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 422KB]

Topics covered include Working together for Safer Roads; Calderdale Council’s Contact Centre; Your Use of Local Facilities; You and Your Council; Emergency Planning and Business Continuity; Teenage Pregnancy; Patient Information and NHS Services

Talkback Newsletter Spring 2007

Topics covered include voluntary activity; the Piece Hall, Halifax; alcohol harm; Calderdale Call

Talkback Newsletter Autumn 2006

Topics covered in this issue include Calderdale Drug and Alcohol Team; Council Decision Making; Calderdale Council On-line; Calderdale Sure Start Children's Centres; Waste Disposal and Recycling; Calderdale Benefit Fraud.

Talkback Newsletter Summer 2006

Panel views on the Contact Centre; Adult and Community Learning; Todmorden District Centre.

Talkback Newsletter Spring 2006

Covering waste and recycling; transport strategy; smoking and health; sporting activity; litter in Calderdale; alcohol harm; Calderdale Futures Plan

Talkback Newsletter Autumn 2005

Covering services for children and young people; Shibden Park restoration project; Calderdale Drug and Alcohol Action Team; Calderdale markets; parks, open spaces and recreation facilities; customer service standards

Talkback Newsletter Summer 2005

Covering Quality of Life; Planning Services; How are we Doing?; Calderdale Call; Registration Services; Halifax Town Centre.

Talkback Newsletter Autumn 2004

Covering private sector housing renewal; fit for the future (sports strategy); parks and open spaces; antisocial behaviour.

Talkback Newsletter Spring 2004

Covering the local transport strategy; the "Passport to Leisure" scheme; public rights of way; speed control safety cameras; crime and disorder.

Talkback Newsletter Spring 2003

Covering speed and safety cameras; street lighting; car parking; traffic management and local transport; theatres and cinemas; household waste sites; the Council budget.

Talkback Newsletter Spring 2002

Covering the UDP; voting in Local Council elections; the "Futures Plan"; roads, footpaths and car parking; sports and sports participation.

Talkback Newsletter Autumn 2001

Covering litter and the Council's website.

Talkback Newsletter Summer 2001

Covering Street Lighting; Winter Maintenance; Sports and Exercise; Smoking.

Talkback Newsletter Spring 2001

Covering Health & Fitness; Winter Health; Vehicle Crime; USPI General Survey; Primary Care Groups; Sport; Markets; Adult learning; Public Toilet Provision; Crime & Disorder Strategy; Household Waste Sites.