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Please note: Newsletters are no longer produced, the most recent results for consultations can be found at: Calderdale Engage

Newsletters from 2008 to 2011 are available to download below.

For newsletters dated older than 2008, contact:

PDFWinter 2011 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 887KB]

Topics covered include:

  • Safer, Cleaner, Greener Service;
  • Equality in Calderdale;
  • Alcohol and Drugs Awareness;
  • Safeguarding adults.

PDFSpring 2010 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 594KB]

Topics covered include:

  • NHS Dental Care;
  • Employment in Calderdale;
  • Understanding our Customers;
  • Physical Activity.

PDFAutumn 2009 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 2083KB]

Topics covered include:

  • Winter Road Maintenance Service;
  • Museums and Galleries;
  • Your Home and Neighbourhood;
  • Building Schools for the Future;
  • When You Get in Touch with Us;
  • Alcohol Awareness;
  • Drug Related Issues;
  • Calderdale Markets.

PDFSpring 2009 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 558KB]

Topics covered include:

  • Adult Learning;
  • Road Safety Seat Belt Campaign;
  • the A-Z Guide.

PDFSummer 2008 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 599KB]

Topics covered include:

  • Customer First;
  • Children and Young People's Plan;
  • Partnership for Older People's Project;
  • Local Facilities;
  • Working for Calderdale Council - a 'Local' Perception;
  • Older People's Services;
  • How are we Doing?

PDFAutumn 2008 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 822KB]

Topics covered include:

  • ‘Healthy Minds';
  • Planning Ahead;
  • Where does your money go?;
  • Calderdale Call;
  • Calderdale Drug & Alcohol Action Team;
  • Practice Plus;
  • Culture and Entertainment;
  • Piece Hall.

PDFSpring 2008 Talkback Newsletter [PDF 344KB]

Topics covered include:

  • Calderdale Sports Services;
  • Awareness of Services;
  • Alcohol Awareness;
  • CCTV in Calderdale;
  • Voluntary Activity.

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