Calderdale citizens' panel

What is Talkback?

Talkback is a panel of residents who broadly reflect the diversity of Calderdale. It is a large group with over 1500 members, all of whom have an opportunity to share their views and ideas about the issues facing Calderdale. The panel is managed by the Customer Knowledge team based in the Communities Directorate.

Who is on the Citizens' Panel?

The Panel includes people from all backgrounds and all areas of Calderdale. It is designed to be broadly representative of adults across the Borough as a whole although it currently slightly under-represents the over 65's and people with disabilities.

How do panel members participate?

Since Summer 2015, panel members have been asked to complete a number of short electronic surveys each year. Each questionnaire contains several sections covering a range of different service or quality of life issues. On occasions, we have invited panel members to attend group discussions, workshops or other local consultation events.

If you would like to apply to become a panel member please complete this short form:

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Where do the results go?

The results of the surveys are analysed by the Customer Knowledge team who produce a report highlighting the key findings for the client service. The client service then considers the key findings from the surveys, and develops action plans accordingly. These are used to feedback the results to Panel members (through Calderdale Engage) along with details of any proposed action that will be taken.

Why have a Citizens' Panel?

The Citizen's Panel helps the Council to see what is important to the residents of Calderdale and how it can go about making Calderdale a better place to live. The panel is designed to include a cross section of local people which provides the Council with a reliable snap shot of public opinion at any particular time. It also provides the Council with a cost-effective way of consulting with residents regularly across a range of service issues. Talkback should be used within the context of a wider consultative programme and not on its own. It can be seen as 'one tool in the toolbox', doing some jobs well, but not right for everything.

For an archive of 'Talkback' newsletters (2008 to 2011), see: Back copies and topics.

Newsletters dated before 2008 are available on request. For these, or more information, please contact:

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