WYLES Low Emissions Strategy

West Yorkshire Low Emissions Strategy

The five West Yorkshire Authorities have been working for a number of years to bring about improvements in air quality. Poor air quality, in particular due to nitrogen dioxide and airborne particulate matter, is a problem common to all five Authority areas.  Greater improvements can be achieved through the West Yorkshire Authorities working together to develop a Low Emissions Strategy.

This five year Strategy sets out the collective ambitions and objectives of the West Yorkshire local authorities, together with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and in collaboration with Public Health England. The goal is to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality to create a healthier place for people to live, work and visit. This is closely linked to Calderdale Council’s ambitions to promote growth, reduce inequalities and do business in a sustainable way.

The West Yorkshire Low Emissions Strategy has several aspects, but the overall aim is to improve air quality by promoting the use of cleaner transport technology and better transport choices and considering how new development can minimise exposure to poor air quality.

The Strategy, which was adopted by the Council in December 2016, is important because

  • Poor air quality causes health problems such as breathing difficulties and heart conditions and leads to premature deaths.
  • Exhaust fumes from traffic, particularly from diesel vehicles, is one of the main causes of poor air quality.
  • People inside vehicles and those living and working near busy roads are exposed to the poorest air quality.
  • Levels of air pollution in some urban areas of West Yorkshire exceed legal limits.

The documents forming the core of the strategy are the PDFWest Yorkshire low emissions strategy [PDF 1319KB] and the three documents PDFAir quality and emissions technical planning guidance [PDF 1173KB] , PDFBus emissions strategy [PDF 592KB] and PDFLow emission procurement guide [PDF 279KB] . These documents may be revised in the future and the strategy may be amended.

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