Air quality management areas (AQMA)

The Council’s AQMAs have been declared on the basis that the annual average level of nitrogen dioxide exceed the objective. This pollutant is associated with the combustion of fossil fuels including vehicle engines.  For the AQMAs declared in Calderdale there is often a combination of high traffic volumes and buildings located close to the roadside which can hinder the dispersion of exhaust fumes.

Calderdale Council has published an action plan setting out the steps it would try to take to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide.

PDFAir Quality Action Plan 2009 [PDF 1371KB]

The plan is due to be revised shortly. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) includes the principle that all new development, including the impact of associated traffic, should be sustainable, and not significantly affect, or be affected by, air pollution. The NPPF makes more specific requirements for developments within AQMAs and to meet certain European air quality targets.

Calderdale Council and the other West Yorkshire Local Authorities are working together to develop some common guidance for developers to meet these current and emerging concerns.

The seven Air Quality Management Areas declared by the Council

AQMA Details

PDFAir Quality Management Area - Brighouse [PDF 457KB]

PDFFurther Assessment Brighouse 2011 [PDF 457KB]

Hebden Bridge

PDFAir Quality Management Area - Hebden Bridge [PDF 3715KB]

PDFFurther Assessment Hebden Bridge 2007 [PDF 1785KB]

Hipperholme PDFAir Quality Management Area - Hipperholme [PDF 579KB]


PDFAir Quality Management Area - Luddendenfoot [PDF 1071KB]

PDFFurther Assessment Luddendenfoot 2009 [PDF 1220KB]

Salterhebble and Huddersfield Road

PDFAir Quality Management Area - Salterhebble and Huddersfield Road [PDF 1102KB]

Sowerby Bridge

PDFAir Quality Management Area - Sowerby Bridge [PDF 1496KB]

PDFFurther Assessment Sowerby Bridge 2007 [PDF 2080KB]

Stump Cross

PDFAir Quality Management Area - Stump Cross [PDF 893KB]

PDFFurther Assessment Stump Cross 2009 [PDF 412KB]



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