Skip licence

If you need to place a skip on the public highway, you need to appoint a skip operator to do this for you.

The skip operator will need permission from: Calderdale Street Works department . The skip should be placed on the carriageway, preferably not on the footway, pavement or verge.


PDFSkip licence application [PDF 72KB]

Please email the above to: , with full details of the location of the skip and dates the permit is required.

Note: No payment will be required 'up front', as skip licences are invoiced quarterly. You will need to provide the full invoice address and email address.

A skip licence is £30 and valid for 28 days. If a licence is needed for more than 28 days, a new application is required before the original licence expires.

Please note, skip licences for A roads are only valid for 14 days as of 1st January 2017 in an effort to ease congestion on the Calderdale network.

Skip Operator Licences

Any person wanting to start a business as a skip operator needs to ensure that they comply with all the relevant legislation by having the necessary certificates and licences. These will include, for example, having a Waste Carrier's Licence and Public Liability Insurance. For further information about Waste Carrier's licences, visit: Register or renew as a waste carrier or broker .

To apply for an operating permit, skip operators should contact: Licensing enquiries .

For more information, visit: Legislation on control of skips .