Calder Valley Skip Hire Ltd

Application for an environmental permit

Calder Valley Skip Hire (Belmont Industrial Estate, Rochdale Road, Sowerby Bridge HX6 3LL), has applied to Calderdale Council for a permit to operate a small waste incineration plant at:

Mearclough Road, Sowerby Bridge. HX6 3LF.

The application documents can be viewed below.

The application has also been placed at Halifax Customer First, 19 Horton Street, Halifax HX1 1QE. It can be inspected here, free of charge, during normal office hours.

Note: The public consultation is now closed.

Thank you to those who made representations, they will be considered by the Council when determining the application.

Written comments will be placed on the public register, unless they include a statement requesting not to be put on. If there is a request, the register will include the follow note: 'that representations have been made which are not on the register because of such a request'.

PDFFurther Information Notice served 13th April 2017 [PDF 323KB]

Application documents

PDFSWIP application form [PDF 284KB]

PDFApplication support document [PDF 1193KB]

PDFWAMITAB certification [PDF 452KB]

Environmental procedures

PDFWaste pre-acceptance (CV-E01) [PDF 450KB]

PDFWaste acceptance (CV-E02) [PDF 395KB]

PDFWaste rejection (CV-E03) [PDF 438KB]

PDFOff-site waste transfer (CV-E04) [PDF 402KB]

PDFwaste reception and storage (CV-E05) [PDF 395KB]

PDFenvironmental records (CV-E06) [PDF 385KB]

PDFEnvironmental management and monitoring (CV-E07) [PDF 421KB]

PDFInfrastructure management and monitoring (CV-E08) [PDF 404KB]

Other supporting documents

PDFSite location (Annex-A1) [PDF 384KB]

PDFInstallation boundary (Annex-A2) [PDF 310KB]

PDFSite layout (Annex-A3) [PDF 551KB]

PDFAir quality assessment (Annex-B) [PDF 1364KB]

PDFAccident management plan (Annex-D) [PDF 566KB]

Information responses

Information submitted in response to the request for information.  Please note that some outstanding information is to be supplied by the applicant, and clarification has been requested on some points.

PDFInformation Notice Response Text [PDF 379KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Combustion [PDF 421KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Hydraulics [PDF 524KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Monitoring [PDF 423KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Pollution [PDF 391KB]

PDFInformation Notice response 20th June 2017 [PDF 402KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Noise assessment June 2017 [PDF 696KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Heat [PDF 523KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Emissions monitoring report [PDF 1522KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Emissions testing results [PDF 1834KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Energy balance (170717) [PDF 505KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Mass balance (170717) [PDF 1159KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Mearclough Road Air Quality (170717) [PDF 3056KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Questions (170717) [PDF 326KB]

PDFInformation Notice Response - Drawing (170717) [PDF 74KB]

Consultee responses

PDFConsultee Response - Environment Agency [PDF 74KB]

PDFConsultee Response - Natural England [PDF 239KB]

PDFConsultee Response - Public Health England [PDF 35KB]

PDFConsultee Response - Public Health England (additional) [PDF 288KB]

PDFResponse of Consultant in Public Health [PDF 143KB]

Public consultation responses

PDFPublic consultation responses summary [PDF 92KB]

Deemed Withdrawal

PDFDeemed Withdrawal notice [PDF 134KB]