Other licences, permits and registrations

Here you will find information on other registrations, permits and licences, see: Approved premises for food | Cooling tower registration | Environmental permits | Food business registration | Scaffolding licence | Skip licence | Sports ground regulation

Approved premises for food

Guidance and conditions for establishing a food premises in Calderdale, including online licence application.

Cooling tower registration

How and why you should provide notification of cooling towers to the Council.

Environmental permits

Guidance on environmental permits, with online application and postal application.

Current and recent environmental permit applications | Register of environmental permits

Food business registration

Guidance and online application for registering a new food business, or to change an existing food business registration.

Scaffolding licence

Apply for a scaffolding licence. Scaffolding licences are needed to erect scaffolding on the public footway.

Skip licence

Apply for a skip licence. You need to appoint a skip operator to do this for you.

Sports ground regulation

For the safety of spectators who visit sports grounds to watch sport, or events such as pop concerts.