Environmental business award - Award Levels

Supporter, Bronze, Silver or Gold?

All levels are suitable for organisations of any sector and any size. The level of award you will want to aspire to will depend on your company’s ambition. You can simply join the scheme as a supporter to get recognition and help. To get an Award you must provide evidence that you are meeting the requirements of that Award level. If you already have an Environmental Management System, you will be able to take a fast track to our Silver Award.

The Environmental Business Award team will provide support to help you understand this scheme and what actions you may need to take to get an Award.

Below is a summary of what is needed to achieve the Awards at different levels. For more details, please email: eba@calderdale.gov.uk or phone: 01422 392250.



  • Sign up to show you are committed to looking into how your business can reduce its environmental impacts;
  • use our free advice, network and events to help you progress to an award level.


Bronze Award

Required Actions:

  • Keep an up to date Environmental Policy to show your customers, employees and suppliers what you are committed to. We can supply a template for you;
  • appoint an Environmental Champion from your workforce;
  • be able to describe your businesses’ three biggest areas of environmental impact and what you are doing to reduce these;
  • know your Environmental Footprint. Keep records on your use of energy (gas, electric and fuel) and water and on how much waste you generate. Review your records internally and look for areas where you can make environmental and cost savings each year;
  • check if your business is at risk of flooding and consider signing up to the Flood Risk Alert System. You can do this online with the Environment Agency.


Silver Award

Required Actions: Meet the Bronze criteria, plus the below additional requirements:

  • Set a numeric target for how you will reduce your three biggest environmental impacts in the current year;
  • you should be able to describe actions you have taken to reduce the environmental impacts of the service or product you provide;
  • you must report your CO2 emissions in confidence to Calderdale Energy Future;
  • you will be able to explain how you make sure your business complies with environmental legislation (duty of care around waste and pollution prevention as a minimum).


Gold Award

Required Actions: Meet the Bronze and Silver criteria, plus the below additional requirements:

  • Brief your whole workforce about environmental issues and engage them;
  • encourage greater update of public transport, walking and cycling amongst your workforce. You can join  West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network to help you with this (membership is free);
  • routinely ask your suppliers if they have considered their environmental impacts when you buy goods or services. Give extra weighting to those who can show good environmental practice;
  • encourage other local business partners and suppliers to join the Environmental Business Award scheme;
  • to have considered the impact climate change may have on your business model and supply chain;
  • publicly report your CO2 emissions.


Reporting emissions

Silver and Gold pledges require reporting your CO2 emissions to the Calderdale Energy Future Panel. This is so we can establish the success of local businesses in reducing emissions. We will help you do this by providing a reporting template and guidance. The scope is limited to the gas, electricity, heating and fuel oil consumed in direct delivery of your product or service. Silver reporting is treated as confidential data and is only used to accumulate an overall figure, individual businesses are not identified. Gold reporting requires that the business is identified against its achievement.



Until your business meets the requirements of the Award level; your business will be listed as a ‘Supporter’. Upon validation of a simple self audit submitted with evidence you will then receive the award, and be invited to our next award ceremony. You can maintain your Award level by resubmitting updated evidence annually, or aspire to a higher level and be awarded this when you have fulfilled the requirements of the next level. Accredited companies will be listed on the Council website.


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