Employing 16-18 year olds

The Government changed the law so that from summer 2013 all young people have a duty to participate in education or training until the end of the academic year in which they turn 18.

There are many ways in which a young person can participate including apprenticeships, full time courses at college / school / other learning provider or by working full time / part time / volunteering alongside accredited training. To find out more, visit: Raising the participation age .

There are no new legal duties on you as an employer. You are not required to give your employees time off for this training. However, a trained and qualified workforce has clear benefits for a business. You could discuss with a young employee how their training could support your business needs. How you can support them to meet the requirement placed upon them to continue in education, or training.

Further support

  • C&K Careers can offer you advice and support with employing young people and information about training available in Calderdale. To find out more, visit: C&K Careers: RecruitLine ;
  • An apprenticeship counts as a valid route for young people to continue their training / education whilst in a work placement. For information about converting your existing jobs into apprenticeships, visit: Apprenticeships .


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