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We are proud to be members of Local Government Building Control (LABC) the member organisation that represents all local authority Building Control departments in England and Wales. LABC promotes and builds awareness of local authority Building Control amongst members of the public as well as those involved in the building industry such as developers, designers and contractors.

Nationally LABC, through the work of each local authority Building Control Service, promotes the design and construction of buildings that are safe, accessible and environmentally efficient to comply with the Building Regulations and associated legislation. LABC also works with trade organisations, manufacturers, distributors, research establishments, test houses and professional institutions to support innovation in building and is an important and established brand.

We take an active role in the LABC Yorkshire and Humberside Regional organisation, with meetings held to promote closer working links between local authorities and ensure the acceptance of common and innovative solutions to meet the Building Regulations, ensuring that we can offer our customers the best possible service provision.

Do you want to partner with us?

Are you a designer, contractor or specialist supplier?

What are the advantages of becoming a partner?

  • Easy access to advice and guidance
  • Allows you to make all your Building Regulation submissions for the whole of England and Wales via us
  • Ensures ease of service provision
  • Reducing the burden developing a positive team spirit.

If you would like to consider partnering arrangements talk to your local Surveyor, or contact: Building control services.

For more information on LABC why not look at our Yorkshire LABC regional website - Local Authority Building Control

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