Building control forms

All Building Regulation applications require the completion of our application form.A pile of timber

One form can be used for Full Plans, Building Notice and Regularisation applications.

Electronic building Regulation applications

We are able to receive building regulation applications via email using pdf images for the application form, drawings and any additional information; we can also accept digital applications burnt on disks.

Payment of plan charges

Payment of Plan fees can be via cash, cheque, debit or credit card, please contact us for further help or assistance.

Additional guidance

Guidance notes on completing application forms

These notes give guidance to complete the Building Control forms and general guidance for all application types.

If you have a query or need more information, please contact: Building control services .

Application form guidance

Application type

Indicate the type of application you are submitting by ticking the relevant box - Full Plans, Building Notice, or Regularisation. For further guidance, see PDFA guide to Building Control services [PDF 128KB]

Applicant's details

This is usually the owner / occupier. The Completion Certificate will be issued to the person / company named.

Agent's details (if applicable)

This is the applicant's representative, often the architect or builder. All correspondence relating to the application will be sent to this address.

Where no agent is applicable, leave this section blank and all correspondence will be sent to the applicant.

Location of building to which work relates

This is the address where the work will be carried out.

Proposed work (or work carried out)

Provide a brief description of the work to be undertaken, and include the date that works will start (if known) in Date of commencement.

Use of building

State the proposed and / or present uses of the building, eg domestic, commercial.

Additional information

Include the planning application number if applicable. Indicate what source of water is to be used, and where the foul water and surface water will be drained to.

Details for Yorkshire Water

Answer Yes or No to each question


Enter the estimated cost of the work to be carried out.

The Total floor area should be the total internal floor area - if multiple storey, include the total of all levels. This is only applicable for new buildings or extensions.


Refer to the Guidance notes on charges for the relevant charge. If you require guidance on the charges, contact: Building control services

For Full Plans applications, indicate where the Inspection Invoice should be sent to - the applicant or the agent.

If known, enter the fees for the type of application being submitted.

Note: payment can be made via the Council website when submitting your application online, by cheque (payable to Calderdale Council), or by debit / credit card - phone: Building Control Services.


When the form is completed, complete, sign and date the statement.

General notes for all application types

1. General notes

1.1 Persons proposing to carry out building work or make a material change of use of the building are reminded that this application is for Building Regulations only. Permission may be required under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) .

For more guidance, please contact:

1.2 These notes are for general guidance only; particulars regarding the deposit of plans are contained in Regulations 12, 13 and 14 of the Building Regulations 2010 and, in respect of charges, in the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 .

1.3 If your proposal involves the installation of a septic tank, consent for the discharge will be required from the Environment Agency , email

1.4 Where the work referred to is not started within three years of the date of deposit, the application will become invalid.

2. Full plans

2.1 This notice should be completed and submitted with plans and particulars in duplicate. The plans must include:

  1. Block plan - not less than 1:2500 (if new build or extension work);
  2. Foundation, floor and roof plans - not less than 1:100;
  3. Elevations - not less than 1:100;
  4. Sections - not less than 1:100;
  5. details as necessary;
  6. calculations as necessary, eg structural, thermal insulation, etc.

2.2 Charges are usually payable in two stages. The first charge must accompany the deposit of plans, and the second charge is payable after the first site inspection. The second charge is a single payment in respect of each individual building, to cover all site visits and consultations, which may be necessary until the work is satisfactorily completed.

It is the agent's duty to inform the applicant of their inspection charge liability.

2.3 Local Authority Building Control  (LABC) Services provide a Partner Authority Scheme (PAS) for developers, etc who wish to partner with an Authority of their choice that will deal with all their applications throughout the country.

3. Building notices

3.1 One copy of this notice should be completed and submitted.

3.2 Where the proposed work includes the erection of a new building or extension, this notice shall be accompanied by a block plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250, showing:

  1. the size and position of the building, or the building as extended, and its relationship to adjoining boundaries;
  2. the boundaries of the curtilage of the building or the building as extended and the size, position and use of the every other building or proposed building within that curtilage;
  3. the provision to be made for the draining of the building or extension.

3.3 The building notice charge is calculated in accordance with current charges regulations and is payable at the time of submission - see: Guidance notes on charges. These notes are for general guidance only, particulars regarding the submission of Building notices are contained in Regulations 12 and 13 of the Building Regulations 2010 and, in respect of charges, in the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 .

3.4 A Full plans application is required for any work to a building other than a single dwelling and also where it is proposed to build over a public sewer.

4. Regularisation certificates

4.1 Regularisation certificates cannot be issued for work carried out before 11th November 1985.

4.2 The Regularisation application must be accompanied by the appropriate charge. Charges for a Regularisation application are individually determined, contact: Building Control Services for the charge.

Note: VAT is not payable on Regularisation charges.

If you require any assistance or guidance when completing the application form, contact: Building Control Services .

Data Protection clause

Calderdale MBC will ensure that any personal information provided by you on the application form will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. Calderdale MBC is the Data Controller of the information you have provided on the application form and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for the purposes of processing your personal information in relation to your application.

The Council must protect the public fund it handles and so may use the information you have provided on the application form to prevent and detect fraud. The Council may also share this information, for the same purposes, with other organisations which handle public funds. The Council will not share your information for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

For more about this, please phone the Council’s Information Management Coordinator: 01422 392298.

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