Trading on an open market

Open markets are held on specially dedicated market places which may be used for other purposes when the market is not being held e.g. car parks, public meeting places. Stalls are either provided, erected and dismantled by the operator or by the traders using their own stalls.

Days of operation vary but often the markets are operated on a number of days each week. Calderdale's open markets provide a high quality shopping service to members of the local community and operate markets on the days and venues listed:

Venues Opening times
Todmorden Wednesday, Thursday (second hand), Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Sowerby Bridge Tuesday, Thursday (second hand), Friday and Saturday (second hand)
Elland Friday
Hebden Bridge Wednesday (second hand) and Thursday

Obtaining a Stall

The following explains the two categories of trader and how they obtain a stall:

Regular traders

Regular traders are allocated the right to occupy the same stall on a given day, and to 'set up' that stall before a specific 'letting' time.

Regular traders are granted a holiday entitlement of three weeks per year, after a qualifying period of twelve months. In return they pay a reservation fee equal to half the normal stall charge if they do not attend the market to maintain their permanent allocation.

Casual traders

Casual traders take a chance being allocated a stall on days which they attend a market but pay no charges on the days in which they do not attend. Casual traders have regular opportunities to opt for regular status.

On Calderdale markets the normal letting procedure for casual traders takes place at 9.00 am on the market ground.

On the first visit each trader is required to complete a registration form issued and retained by the Market Inspector. Identification showing proof of address is also required on the trader's first visit, eg driving licence. At that point they are issued with a copy of the market regulations and details are entered at the bottom of the casual list.

The Markets Service is currently reviewing this procedure and any future procedures may include photographic proof, to be retained with the application form and a trader identification badge to be issued.

Each attendance, on a particular day, gains the trader an attendance point which is recorded by the Market Inspector. During the letting process, stalls are first offered to traders with the most attendance points, proceeding until all the stalls have been allocated or all traders have a stall. Casual traders who are absent from the market for three consecutive weeks are removed from the Casual List. After approximately five weeks the top Casual trader will be offered a vacant stall as a Regular trader, depending on the position of that stall and goods sold.

Stall charges

All regular stallholders on any open market may, after the casual allocation has taken place and at the discretion of the Market Inspector, use extra stalls at discounted rates;

  • if stallholding is one stall, an extra stall may be taken at ½ the normal stall charge
  • if the stallholding is in excess of one stall, an additional stall may be taken free of charge. This applies only to the use of adjacent open market stalls and is subject to conditions and availability.
Elland Open Market
Day Charge for Stall 10ft by 4ft
Friday £11.00
Hebden Bridge Open Market
Day Charge for Stall 10ft by 4ft
Wednesday (second hand) £11.00
Thursday £13.50
Sowerby Bridge Open Market
Day Charge for Stall 10ft by 4ft Charge for Hut 10ft by 4 ft
Tuesday and Friday £11.00 £11.50
Thursday (second hand) £7.50 £7.50
Saturday (second hand) £11.00



Todmorden Open Market
Day Charge for Stall 10ft by 4ft Charge for Stall 12ft by 4ft
Wednesday £10.00 £10.00
Thursday (second hand) £14.00 £15.00
Friday £10.00 £10.00
Saturday and Sunday £13.50 £14.00
Local Food, Produce and Craft Markets
Day Charge for Stall 10ft by 4ft
Hebden Bridge food, produce and craft (first and third Sunday each month) £20.00
Hebden Bridge craft (second Sunday each month) £15.00
Halifax (third Saturday each month) £20.00

Note: Additional space may be taken at the discretion of the Senior Officer and is charged pro rata. 

Regulation of open markets

  1. Allocation of stalls are on a daily personal basis only. Stalls will not be allocated to a limited company or partnership. In the event of a trader not attending at the stall in person he / she must, on request, provide satisfactory documentary evidence of employment of staff. Failure to do so will necessitate the personal attendance of the trader at the stall.
  2. The market shall be open to the public from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on each market day.
  3. All motor vehicles to be off the market ground between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm unless prior consent from a member of the Markets' Division has been given.
  4. It shall be the right of the Council to refuse to allocate a stall to any person.
  5. The re-allocation of stalls to an immediate member of the registered trader's family will be considered upon written request. This will be limited to husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, brother or sister and will be subject to that person having been actively associated with the trader's business at the stall for a minimum of two years previously, and to this being their livelihood during this period. If necessary, documentary evidence must be submitted to substantiate these requirements. Family re-allocations will not be considered to relatives who occupy space in their own right on any market.
  6. Stalls not claimed by 9.00 am will be re-allocated unless prior notification is given. After such notification is received, should the trader then not attend at the stall, the full charge will be payable.
  7. Absence resulting from illness will only be accepted with the authority of a medical certificate. These will not be necessary for the first two weeks of absence but must be produced prior to the third week of absence. Failure to do so will result in the allocation of the stall/s being immediately withdrawn.
  8. Retaining fees shall be applicable for absences when no holiday entitlement is available. This shall be in accordance with the charges laid down from time to time by the Council.
  9. Regular traders will be permitted to be absent for up to three weeks holiday in any year without payment of any retaining fees after completion of a period of twelve months as a registered trader provided that at least seven days notice is given to the Markets' General Manager otherwise regulations number 6 and number 10 shall apply.
  10. After unauthorised absence of three consecutive weeks, the trader's allocation will be withdrawn by the Council and the stall/s re-allocated to another trader.
  11. Tolls for stalls, storage and other charges shall be in accordance with the scale laid down from time to time by the Council.
  12. All charges shall be payable as and when demanded by the Markets' General Manager or the authorised representative.
  13. Tolls for allocated stalls will be payable by a trader (whether the stall/s is / are used or not) in accordance with the levels laid down from time to time by the Council.
  14. Only the Council's official receipts will be recognised as proof of payment of charges and if requested must be produced to any authorised representative of the Council on the day of issue.
  15. The giving of gratuities in any form by traders to any Council employee is strictly forbidden.
  16. All traders shall remove all merchandise, equipment and fittings from the stall at the end of each trading day.
  17. Traders shall not attach to or place onto a stall any fittings or merchandise without the prior consent of the Markets' General Manager.
  18. Only articles with the permission of the Markets' General Manager shall be allowed outside the stall perimeter and no articles shall be permitted forward of the stall front upright bar to inner stalls or hang so as to project beyond the front upright bar to outer stalls.
  19. Traders are required to keep the stalls in a clean and tidy condition and remove from site any rubbish that may accumulate to the receptacles provided.
  20. The cost of repairing any damage to a stall or equipment contained thereon shall if it is by neglect or improper use by the trader be charged to the trader.
  21. Traders shall not fix to the electric points any equipment other than one light bulb per point (maximum 100 w bulb to be provided by the trader.)
  22. All traders will be expected to keep their stall well stocked and to display goods for sale during stipulated opening hours of the market.
  23. All applications for stalls and additional stalls or allocation of other stalls must be made in writing to the Markets' General Manager.
  24. Traders using stalls for the sale of food for human consumption must comply in all respects with the current provisions, regulations and statutory requirements relating to food hygiene.
  25. All stalls and pitching sites shall be vacated by 5.30 pm and the market area by 6.00 pm.
  26. Reasonable pedestrian and vehicular access shall be available at all times in all areas of the market. Traders shall not block or restrict adequate movement in any walkway or roadway.
  27. All reasonable requests and instructions of the Markets' General Manager or the authorised representative shall be complied with.
  28. Only those goods and commodities previously agreed in writing shall be permitted to be offered for sale.
  29. Stall boards must not be placed on the ground for standing on or used for any other purpose other than on the stall for the display of goods.
  30. The permitted sound level of any live or recorded music being played will be at the direction of the officer in charge.
  31. Nothing herein shall be deemed to create the relationship of Landlord and Tenant between the Council and the registered trader.
  32. Any complaints or requests by stallholders relative to the administration of the market must be made in writing to the Markets' General Manager.
  33. No dogs or other pets shall be kept at the stall through the hours of trading.
  34. All Council and Local Byelaws shall be observed at all times.

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