Car sharing scheme

Car sharing is when two or more people, travelling to the same destination or to different places along one route, get together to share the car journey. Car sharing helps to reduce the congestion and pollution caused by traffic on our roads.

Anyone who lives or works in West Yorkshire can car share, using the West Yorkshire car share scheme. The service is free to use and is brought to you through a partnership between the West Yorkshire councils and Metro.

You can sign up to the scheme and register your journey details by visiting Calderdale Car Share|External link. The system will then match you with other members going in the same direction, and allow you to make contact through a secure email connection. You can register any number of journeys, and different types of journey can also be registered (ie regular ones like commuting to work, as well as occasional or one-off trips for shopping or going to the match).

Car sharing saves you money

Sharing a journey means you can share the fuel and parking costs between everyone in the car - remember that the driver must not make a profit as this is likely to invalidate their insurance. Because car sharers' cars are used less often overall, wear and tear is reduced so your car will require less maintenance. The West Yorkshire carshare website offers guidelines on what constitutes a fair amount to offer or request for petrol.

Flexible scheme

The car share scheme is as flexible as you want it to be. You choose who you share with and when, and there's no obligation to share with the same person on every journey - you can share with as many different people as you like. You can choose to be contacted by telephone or e-mail, and even make notes on your journey record of any preferences you have, eg non-smokers, or women only.

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