Post 16 Transport Provision

This questionnaire relates to the Post 16 Transport to Education and Training Provision document which can be found attached to the web page for this consultation on Calderdale Engage. This document will be referred to as the 'statement' in the following questionnaire.
Section A: The Post 16 Transport provision
Q1 Do you think the attached statement provides enough information for learners/parents/carers to make a decision about travel arrangements to their Post 16 provision?    
Q2 Does the statement make it clear who may qualify for transport assistance?    
Q3 Is there any other information you would like to see included?    
Section B: About You
Q5 Please tell us the first part of your home postcode:
Q6 Are you a young person attending a Calderdale school?
Q7 Are you a parent/carer of a child at a Calderdale School?
Q8 Are you a member of school staff from a Calderdale School?
Q9 Are you a school governor?  
Q10 Are you an elected Council Member or MP
Q11 Are you responding on behalf of yourself or for a group/organisation?
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